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Everyone has a sweet tooth. Why not get the best types of cakes with a variety to choose from!

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Wedding cakes are the perfect sweet touch to your special day, they bring all your guests together for a delicious celebration. Over time, the evolution of wedding cake designs has included a variety of flavours, confectionery and decoration. There are now so many more ways to make your tasty delight personal to your wedding day. Ipshita from Hot Pink Cake Studio, has given expert tips about Wedding cakes!

savePhoto: Hot Pink Cake Studio by Ipshita.
Photo: Hot Pink Cake Studio by Ipshita.

1. Cake with flowers


Undoubtedly, cakes with painting of flowers and foliage follow one of the most desired among the Brides. The artist elaborates all the painting with the same colors and types of flowers chosen for decoration, composing a harmonious and colorful table that is able to boot sighs off all the guests! Bright and colorful decorations of the flowers on the cake would look just fantastic.

savePhoto: Hot Pink Cake Studio by Ipshita.
Photo: Hot Pink Cake Studio by Ipshita.

2. Different colors

The watercolor cakes, or the cakes with paintings that resemble a watercolor have light and contemporary look, and are generally made in pastel tones. One can receive abstract concept of brushstrokes or depicting themes chosen by the couple, becoming the ideal choice of modern and romantic Weddings.

savePhoto: Hot Pink Cake Studio by Ipshita.
Photo: Hot Pink Cake Studio by Ipshita.

3. Cake with birds

Just so you did not know, marriage ‘Love Birds’ are those where the Bride and Groom abuse of birds and cages for both illustration invitations, and decorations as well. Following this theme, painting with bird couples are revealed as simple and super cute way to portray the couple! Similarly for nature lovers, there is still the option of drawings with dragonflies and butterflies, composing a romantic and delicate art.

4. Cake art

These cakes are considered true works of art and emerge as the main highlight of the decor. The development needs in line with the delicacy of features, that may contain inspired impressionist landscapes, so as to make the cake more interesting, and also so that the guests appreciate the work of the bakery and your choice as well. Trio cakes and multiple cakes have a better scope of a good cake art.

5. Patterns

The patterns have a super high impact on the delicate and modern Wedding cakes. The ombre effect is one of the best. In this, the color is worked with through a gradient, usually with a strong tone at the base, becoming clearing almost till white at the top. To give more prominence to this effect, most designers bet on ruffled cakes, which never fail to look beautiful and impress the guests!

savePhoto: Hot Pink Cake Studio by Ipshita.
Photo: Hot Pink Cake Studio by Ipshita.

6. Geometrical

The geometric decoration emerged as a surprising and innovative trend, winning the hearts of newly weds who want a Wedding with stylish and modern touches. The great advantage of using these forms is that the print can come together with the 3D effect, providing a contemporary look and striking the Wedding cake.

7. Stained glass cake

This style mimics the stained glass technique, in which pieces of colored glass are supported by lead parts, creating scenarios or characters of all kinds. Dark traces serve to delineate the outlines that serve as the basics of the design. Later, this design is filled with vibrant tones or pastel, according to the colors chosen for the Wedding.

8. Vintage cake 

The painting of these cakes is based on the handwriting and old images, and also recreate the charm of the past decades. The result comes through delicate and smooth strokes, usually with the use of pastel shades and can get gold and silver pinches in contour, which is super romantic! Wedding cakes must always be extraordinary.

9. Tattooed buhos 

Modern and funky couples, the ancient art of tattoo lovers can also choose a cake with technical drawings that suit you! Old school, new school, eastern, Celtic, or religious, it all depends on the preference of the couple who can even portray great times through the popular Mexican skills, creating a unique and fun cake!

savePhoto: Hot Pink Cake Studio by Ipshita.
Photo: Hot Pink Cake Studio by Ipshita.

Before choosing the paint, set the style of your Wedding and the colors that will be used in its decoration, so that the artist can create images that harmonize with the environment. If you are in Delhi, then you can refer to the Top Wedding cake shops there, and select the best cake from the best place!

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