Amazing old-world charm pre-wedding shoot of Pooja and Sushant

Meeting someone and giving them the title of someone most important is something that needs courage for, and Pooja and Sushant totally deserve each other! This couple has decided to spend their life with each other, and they could not be more thankful to have found one another to be a part of their lives. They are totally made for each other and are really adorable. Their pre-wedding shoot was out of the box and was beautifully captured by Plush Affairs Photography.

Photo: Plush Affairs Photography.
Photo: Plush Affairs Photography.

The couple

Pooja and Sushant met in Pune for the very first time through their family and friends and fell in love at that very moment. There are several moments in life that gives you signals about something special, but it is a natural human tendency to miss all those signs. This couple was lucky enough not to have missed those signs, and they are getting married really soon!

Photo: Plush Affairs Photography.
Photo: Plush Affairs Photography.

Falling in love

‘Falling in love’ sounds like something really big. These heavy words cannot be handled by anyone and everyone, and it needs two strong souls who are ready to accept each other the way they are. Pooja and Sushant are great enough to accept each other the way they are, and that is something that every couple must have. This kind of passion is what makes the love really strong, and this would get these two really very far.

Photo: Plush Affairs Photography.

Capturing the old-world charm

Plush Affairs has a strong focus on creativity and innovation, and attempt to come up with artistic themes that beautifully describe their clients and also do justice to their story. Pooja and Sushant wanted to capture the old-world charm of Mumbai for their pre-wedding shoot, and they could not have been more excited than they already were. The couple was just too happy to get their shoot done, as the photographers did full justice to them and made them really happy with the end result, which is something that is very important.

Photo: Plush Affairs Photography.

The pre-wedding shoot

The couple was very sure about where they wanted their pre-wedding shoot to be done. They both are both originally from Mumbai and wanted their shoot to be done in their city itself. The shoot was primarily taken place in South Mumbai, so as to capture the essence of the historic buildings that were established in the British era.

Photo: Plush Affairs Photography.
Photo: Plush Affairs Photography.

Amazing locations

Locations like Gateway of India and the Asiatic Society never fail to impress anyone, and the couple had chosen these places to be a part of their pre-wedding shoot to make it even more amazing and memorable. They beautifully captured the grandeur of the city which is often lost in the hustle and bustle of the commercial hub. This is such a unique concept, and the couple did take a lot of efforts to make their pre-wedding a grand success.

Photo: Plush Affairs Photography.
Photo: Plush Affairs Photography.

Idea of the entire concept

The idea of the concept of capturing the amazing places of Mumbai in a pre-wedding shoot was thought very well. More than that, the execution was brilliant, and this was possible only because of the photographers. The couple was really happy to get it done, and there could have been no one as lucky as them to be a part of such an amazing concept!

Photo: Plush Affairs Photography.
Photo: Plush Affairs Photography.

The entire pre-wedding shoot was done so brilliantly and perfectly, and the couple did enjoy every bit of it. They would be getting married really soon, and would be becoming one soul from two!

Pre-wedding shoot photographer: Plush Affairs Photography

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