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Once you are married, there are many responsibilities that you have to handle, and manage every one at the same time! Here is how you can do it.

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When you are at your own place, your family would not want you to do any work at home, and would want you to continue with whatever you are doing. But things become totally different once you get married. Even when people in the house ask you not to work, you have no other option, but to work, so that your impression does not go down. There are many roles of a woman once she gets married, and Riddhi Malde is here to tell you about some of them!

savePhoto: Jude Lazaro Wedding Photography.
Photo: Jude Lazaro Wedding Photography.

Help your Husband


You know that your Husband works really hard, in every thing that he is doing. He also works hard in keeping you the happiest, so that the relationship of the two of you goes a long way, and strengthens with every hurdle that you cross. With all the hard work that your Husband does, all you have to do is, help him throughout. He would not say it often, but he really needs your help, because you are his better half. This would not just make him happy, but make him secure as well, that there is some one by his side, no matter what ever happens. You can learn to make your Husband’s favorite sweet-dish from Wenger & Co., and surprise him with it!

savePhoto: Wenger & Co.
Photo: Wenger & Co.

Respect your man

The least any one asks from some one, is respect. It is what every one wishes for, no matter what happens in their life. More than any one, the most amount of respect that a man wants, is from his partner. If he has enough respect from his partner, then he automatically gets the power to do any thing and every thing. This increases more understanding between the two of you, and also makes the relationship stronger. You would definitely want to know about a few rules on marriage that you did not know about!

Show your love

The more love you show, the closer you become to your partner. If you keep telling your man that you love him, then there are chances that he would not really understand the depth of it. What you have to do is, show it and prove it to him about how much you love him. You would have heard the phrase ‘actions speak louder than words’. Well, this is what it is. Prove every thing that you do, and keep making him feel special. You can take him on a date to The Kumbha Bagh, that would definitely make him feel really special, and would love you even more!

savePhoto: The Kumbha Bagh.
Photo: The Kumbha Bagh.

Support him

More than any one else in the family, it is your Husband that needs the maximum support from your side. As you know, he works all day long, so that he can keep you and the family happy. This would have some happy moments, and some sad moments as well. All he wants is that, you must be next to him to support him, so that he can go through every thing without any fear, as he knows that you are there right by his side. So, supporting him is a very essential part of the relationship. Here is how you can be a good Wife!

Be responsible enough

Once you are married, there are many responsibilities that are hung up on you, as soon as you enter your Husband’s place. You might have not been a part of these responsibilities back at your place, but you have no other option, but to face them. You become responsible for the entire house, that includes your in-laws, your Husband, and every other member that is a part of the house. There are not only the house members that are to be taken care of, but there are some other things as well. You just have to be prepared for all this, and make sure you create an amazing impression on every one in the house! Making a good bond with your in-laws is really essential. Here is how you can do so!

Handle everyone in the family

Like it is said above, after you get married, there are a lot of responsibilities that are hung up on you. You must be ready for all this well in advance, so that you do not mess up any thing, and create differences at the very beginning. You must know how to tackle every one quickly at the same time, so that there is no chaos that is created. You must learn to be a good Daughter-in-law, a good Wife, and of course, a good Mother as well. You can get a family photo-shoot done by Jude Lazaro, have fun, and cherish this amazing memory forever.

savePhoto: Jude Lazaro Wedding Photography.
Photo: Jude Lazaro Wedding Photography.

You obviously would want your in-laws to think that you are the best decision that they have made, and you would not want to let them down. Not just your in-laws, but you want your family and especially your Husband to be proud of you. This way, the relationship between you and your Husband would just become stronger, and healthy as well. To make your Husband feel special, here are a few things that you can do to inspire him.

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