Wedding Photography: 5 Reasons Black & White Images Are Timeless

Your photos should tell the story of your day, and be evocative of the emotions felt. Here's 5 reasons why having your wedding photography in black and white is an even more special way of preserving such happy memories.

Wedding Photography: 5 Reasons Black & White Images Are Timeless
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“When you photograph people in colour, you photograph their clothes. But when you photograph people in black and white, you photograph their souls” (Ted Grant, photo-journalist)


In our modern age, we have the technological capacity to preserve all the joy and laughter of a special wedding day through a lens. A wedding photo album, created by a talented photographer with all the right equipment, is the perfect keepsake in order to remember such extraordinary moments.

Your wedding day will be filled with vibrant colours, that’s for sure. But your wedding photography doesn’t need to be. Your photos should tell the story of your day, and be evocative of the emotions felt. Here’s 5 reasons why having your wedding photography in black and white is an even more special way of preserving such happy memories:

Photographer: Karan Sidhu Photography

1. It’s more artistic

Black and white photography has a higher aesthetic appeal. This is because, with the absence of colour, the photo is reduced to its core essence. The subject, composition and light is what matters most, and this appears more striking in monochrome.

Let’s not forget: art is not a representation of reality. Art mimics feeling and intense emotion in a way slightly more abstract and surreal than how we see it in real life. So if you have your wedding photos in black and white, they will be more creatively constructed. With a stronger composition and light contrast, we focus more on the subject (such as you or your loved one), without the distraction of colour. Check out Karan Sidhu Photography.

Photographer: Wedding Nama

2. It’s more meaningful

Due to the higher aesthetic appeal as mentioned above, black and white photos become more meaningful. People view photos very differently when they are in black and white, they look deeper into the narrative behind them, as the lack of colour allows for the spotlight to be placed on the subject of each photo.

The emotion from each photo, therefore, shines through the monochrome. A collection of black and white images will say more about your special day, filled with love and happiness, than anything else, as you keep them forever as fond artefacts. Check out Wedding Nama.

Photographer: Slice Of Life Pictures

3. It’s timeless

Black and white photography enables modern moments to feel timeless, it provides a throwback to the romanticised times when colour photography wasn’t an option. We’re used to seeing old, historical photos in black and white, so by having an authentic wedding album in similar tones, you are creating your own history. 

Colours go in and out of fashion, but black and white will never change. Monochrome is a fixed palette, that strips away any colours typical of the time. It captures a timeless emotion like love, and presents it in a raw yet artistic manner, evocative of the past yet promising of the future. Check out Slice Of Life Pictures.

Photographer: Slice Of Life Pictures

4. It’s elegant

By eradicating colour, you will have stylish, chic and elegant photos to look back on. Some colours may be too bright, others too tacky. Whereas black and white photos are more simple and pleasing to the eye.

A set of black and white photos will look like a complete collection, because the palette is completely the same. With this, you will be able to put them in smart frames and place them around your new home together, without compromising style and colour schemes.

Photographer: Morviimages

5. It’s different

We’re very used to seeing the world in colour, so a black and white wedding album will be more eye-catching. It’s different from reality, because it’s art.

Expect to amaze anyone who asks to see your wedding photos, with a set of artistic, strong compositions that stand out from the rest. Check out Morvi Images Photography.

Photographer: Slice Of Life Pictures

So there you have it, 5 reasons why you should most certainly consider black and white wedding photography. Have your most special memories preserved in this stylish and timeless way, as perfect keepsakes that are evocative of all the emotion you felt in the moment.

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