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Be Your Daughter's Soulmate on Her Wedding

A friend in-need is a friend indeed. But, a mother is indeed your mother irrespective of what the circumstances are. Her love is always unconditional and pure.

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A mother is her daughter’s best friend. Yes, they say it right. The reason behind this connotation is that, a mother has already been to all those places which her daughter is yet to explore. Be it an awkward-teenage-experience, a brutal societal encounter or her wedding day. When a girl is about to enter this very beautiful phase of her life, her mother’s advice work like a gem in a ring.

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Here are few things that should be put light upon:

Make her feel home


Nothing in this world is as wrecking to a girl then the feeling of leaving her safe place for ever. Make her feel that she is still part of the family and will always be. Her room will remain the same; irreplaceable. Her aroma will never vanish and her childhood will always play around in your memories. She can anytime steal those chocolates from kitchen and silently use your wardrobe. Her siblings will tease her like before and her father will pamper her even more.

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Changing priorities

This might be tough to accept and even harder to implicate but an early realization can always make things better, right? Taking care of everyone’s needs from material to emotional, she has got to look after all of it. Now, let her lead your path of guidance here. Tell her that her In-laws comes in the first place and keeping them happy should be her best job.

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Photo: Darshan Sethi Photography

She belongs to someone

Life changes when love strikes. This might have happened to her before but marriage includes much more for a love-hit-couple. She might sometimes have to give up on her choices but then, a vehicle’s both wheels are as important to keep in run.

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Keep your calm

A big gala event, lots of guests and burden of responsibilities and all of their expectations. You as a host and she, as a bride may have swinging moods, now and then. Sit back, drink some water or whatever that might help you with that and tell yourself that it’s OK to commit mistakes. It is the imperfection which adds up to the beauty to moments to laugh on. She can go out for some massage or some light hangout with her friends while you can definitely chill out with some aunt’s gossips over a cup of coffee.

Surprise her!

Not only on any occasion, a girl love surprises equally on any other day. Get your girl anything she has not thought of. Like, you can prepare a musical presentation on her journey from birth till the day on her reception or you can just take her out for some shopping, as SHOPPING can always make a girl happier than ever! Or you can simply opt for a good family dinner, this way she will surely relive her old days.

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Photo: Mahima Bhatia Photography

Deep conversations

Way to a man’s heart is delicious food and to a women’s is a deep conversation. Let her talk of random things, what she think of getting married, is she happy with this whole thing, how is she going to keep up with her home and professional life, her strengths and weaknesses, her new mother, family plans, and so on. Be her best friend , her secret keeper, her backbone and treasure of life. Tell her how much you love her and what value she holds in your life. Keep her up high on spirits and give her golden tips to lead a good, happy married life. Let her know about how you have nurtured her and that she should never let her worth go down in any circumstances. Be a good talking friend.

Let your feeling and emotions come out through your actions and gesture towards her. You should be expressive and most happy person on her wedding. Not only her, give love to your Son-in-law as well, after all, he is the one who will look after your ‘little carefree bird’ from now onward, make him unofficially a part of your small world. This way, she will feel proud of choosing a correct partner for herself and would never be able to thank you enough for being the best mom ever!

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