Beauty advice for your first Karwa Chauth

India a country with lots of festivals, we have so many festivals to celebrate with our love ones, family.  Festival stands with beauty, no festive season is completed without makeover for all women. Every Karwa Chauth is very important to all women but first Karwa Chauth is something very special to all married women as they celebrate their love with each other. All Women do fasting from sunrise to moonrise for long and healthy life of their husband. Today we have one of the famous makeup artist Manjeet Khehra from Bangalore.

Makeup Artist: Manjeet Khehra.

This is the first day after your wedding when you get ready like the way you got ready for your wedding day How to Get Leaner Before Your Wedding. This is the when you wore all your jewellery, mehndi, shoes, dress to look astonishing, when your husband come from office and excited to see you. As the day started with the prayers and blessing, and continued with fasting where you even can not have drop of water, this fast continued till moonrise, when your husband make you drink water and eat with you.

Makeup Artist: Manjeet Khehra.

Let your eyes talk first 

Eyes are the most beautiful part of every women’s body ass eyes are the perfect way to express your love to your partner. Many times conversation is done without speaking a single word from mouth because eyes talks much more clear than your words. Let your eyes relax How to relax before your wedding day: 5 steps, So here are some useful tips for your beautiful eyes:

Makeup Artist: Manjeet Khehra.

1. Make sure you sleep well in the nights leading up to Karva Chauth to avoid dark circles and a dull complexion.

2. Splashing water regularly over your eyes has a cooling effect.

3. You could put pieces of cucumber over your eyes to sooth them. You could also soak a cotton pad in some rose water and place the pads over your eyes.

4. Eye massages are great for helping heal, firm and soothe your eyes.

5. Remove all eye makeup before going to bed.

6. Wear sunglasses while travelling.

Makeup Artist: Manjeet Khehra.

Do take care of your face

1. Face packs are great for younger, healthy looking skin. Make sure to choose a pack that suits your skin type.

2. Multani mitti packs are a great option, take care of your makeup How to Get Perfect Bridal Makeup.

3. Do not forget to cover your face when you are out of the house.

4. Avoid leaving your makeup overnight on your face. Make sure to remove it before going to bed to avoid skin eruptions.

5. First thing to do after coming home from outside is to wash your face always.

Makeup Artist: Manjeet Khehra.

For glowing Skin 

1. Focus on green leafy vegetables and fruits for glowing skin avoid junk food and spicy food as much you can for your better skin care.

2. Do not forget to moisturise your skin to avoid getting it dry as the winter season is beaning skin dry very fast so keep moisturising it.

3. Do not forget you have to glow your first Karwa Chauth so pamper yourself a bit with body and head massages.

Makeup Artist: Manjeet Khehra.

4. Drink a lot of water to take out all your body toxins which will help you to keep hydrated.

5. Spending much time in beauty saloons on the day Karwa Chauth is not useful spend it before because this day is meant for you and your husband not for saloons.

Makeup Artist: Manjeet Khehra.

Wishing you all a very happy Karwa Chauth on be half of zankyou weddings. Enjoy your Karwa Chauth festival by celebrating the bond of your love and caring with your spouse. Hare we have best makeup artists from both Delhi and Bangalore.

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