Bold Lipsticks for A Bold Bride

We all know how important your wedding look is for you big day, it will remain an important memory for the rest of your life so it cannot go wrong! Your wedding look showcases your personality and your preferences, so, if you’re vivacious and want the world to know then why not try a bold look to support that? Here we present to you the 5 different ways you can support a bold plum look for your big day.

Jewellery: @glimour_jewellery

Deep Mulberry 

This gorgeous look is great for any occasion, ranging from an evening party, to your wedding day! The dark maroons and plums used really heighten the lips and eyes and make will surely make you stand out from any crowd! The colour coordination of this look makes it pretty simple in the sense everything is the same colour, you can however, change it up a little by perhaps supporting a different nail colour or a splash of a lighter highlight in the corner of your eyes! The overall bold plum vibe, however is one that we definitely recommend.  If you’re ready to be the show stopper, try this daring look and have all the heads turned to you!

Hair&Makeup&Photography: @pinkorchidstudio
Dress: @wellgroomedinc

Matte Wine

Alternatively you can try this bold plum look with gold undertones and a whole lot of highlight! Lets get our glow game on and apply that highlight like never before. you can also complement the look with a splash of gold on the eyes, blended out with a hint of black. This really will enhance your natural features and make you the beautiful bride that you are!


Another great look you could try, is a slightly lighter shade lip, still remaining bold, just with a lighter undertone. You can also accessories with a matching bindi, to really make your look shine bright! To remain consistent with the ‘bold’ theme you can blend the eyes with shades of black or even maroons, and finish with a hint of glitter to really accentuate those eyes!


Alternatively, you can opt for a red lip, also very bold and bodacious. A tone lighter than maroon yet still effective and glamorous. you can opt for lighter eyes, to allow the eyes to really stand out, and finish with a bold eye liner flick, clean, neat and slick! You surely will slay!

outfit: @vivahcollection
photography: @dreamfinitystudios sdsad  

Finally, you can complete the look with statement jewellery pieces to add the extra flare. Why not embrace your bodaciousness and be the bold bride that you are!

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