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Do you know what are the trends for bridal eyebrows for this year, 2017? Today we will let you in on these!

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Each makeup look is not complete without the shape of your eyebrows being defined. It is said that eyebrows are your next prominent feature alongside those pearly whites. Whilst they may require a lot of maintenance, they either make or break your look, so it is in fact definitely worth the care! There are many different eyebrow shapes and sizes, but what are the trends for bridal eyebrows for this year, 2017? Today we will let you in on these!

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The bride’s eyebrows: the trends of 2017


Eyebrows are an essential detail on a woman’s face. They give expression to the look , frame their eyes and may make them more or less large depending on the case. Even the most sophisticated makeup look loses its beauty if the eyebrows are not properly arranged.

For these reasons, in bridal makeup , eyebrows must find their space: you certainly will not want to show up with an incomplete look! so it is important that you shape them well and regularly. There are many eyebrow trends just as there are many makeup colour trends. We have identified the 2 main trendiest eyebrow styles for 2017: Degraded eyebrows and natural eyebrows.

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Natural eyebrows

As we know, fashion trends are constantly evolving, and often repeating themselves, similarly, this year brings back the natural eyebrow trend. Notice how decades ago the trend was to have thick and somewhat voluminous eyebrows? well that is the trend right now! It is a wanted and sought-after effect, for which there is a specific execution technique – Many makeup artists, in fact, with the aid of a special pencil, create just the awkward effect of drawing fake pellets where they are needed and then finishing with a brush effect. If you want the perfect ‘natural eyebrow’ look, check out our makeup artist Abhijit Paul who is great at achieving this look.

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Eyebrow degrades

Another 2017 fashion trend is the degraded eyebrow effect. This arguably is really the most suitable trend for a bride who prefers something more sleek to complete the make up look. The degradable effect can be achieved with pencils, powder or gel products. To create the gradient, we recommend that you use different colour products, applying the lightest from the inside end to the top of the nose. In any case, the end result will change depending on whether you like the eyebrows more or less thin. If you want the perfect ‘eyebrow degrade’ look, check out our makeup artist Monsoon Saloon & Spa, who is great at achieving this look.

MUA: Abhijit Paul

Remember ladies, this gradient effect and natural look both require filling in your eyebrows, how much you fill them determines the style. However, Assuming you are filling in your eyebrows correctly to achieve the desired look, bold eyebrows can make the eyes stand out, your eye shadow pop and give an all-around perfect finish. So ladies get practising to see what trend suits you. Check out our makeup artists for hints and tips on how to achieve the flawless eyebrow shape.

As we said, the expression of the face changes very much with the eyebrows. Ladies, experiment with the shapes and find what better suits your face and enhance it. Be sure to do some expression to help you find the perfect bridal look!


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