Colourful and Festive: Why You Should Get Married in December

The month of December is already a favourite among many. Winter is the time of Diwali, Thanksgiving, Christmas, festivity, family, celebration and of course, great food. So why not also choose December as the month for your special wedding?

In India, December has almost perfect weather: it’s not too hot to spend time outside and not too rainy to worry about photography. The cooler weather means you can wear rich, lavish and luxury fabrics like silk and velvet, allowing for a more spectacular wedding look.

December Wedding. Photo via shutterstock

All over the world, December is the time to Eat, Drink and Be Merry, which happen to be the exact three requirements for guests at your wedding! However, if you still need persuading about the benefits of tying the knot in December, we have teamed up with 3 wedding photographers to tell you why.

1. AbhiSakshi Photography

Working in New Dehli, this talented wedding photographer loves to focus on colour and light, in order to evoke the vibrancy of Indian wedding celebrations within every photo. For this reason, he describes December weddings as perfect because they are “all about energy“. The month is a festive one, and everyone is up for a good party, especially if it is an elaborate wedding celebration. With this, Abhisakshi can capture the spontaneity of joyful emotion through his camera, along with contrasting black and white photos that are artistic and emotional.

Abhisakhi Photography
Abhisakhi Photography

2. Taranveer Singh Photography

“Well everyone has their own ideas and opinion for December weddings,” says professional photographer, Taranveer Singh, “but I believe the best and solid reason is the weather. In summer it is too hot and the food can go off. December, despite being colder, is the time for hot tea and warm, delicious food.”

“Most importantly, there is no fear of raining”, adds Taranveer, who also agrees that the colours, music and atmosphere of an Indian wedding are unique in December. It’s the best option for outdoor weddings and destination weddings, and is the time of the year to enjoy the celebration.

Taranveer Singh Photography

3. What Knot

This team of candid wedding photographers in Mumbai gave us many reasons why you should get married in December. Firstly, they provide “no sweat and all fun” for everyone involved, and the month just seems to be one big “extended celebration“.

The holiday mood is what makes attending such weddings much easier, according to the photographers at What Knot, as all the young “corporate junkies” can claim their office leave during this month. So expect to have all your close friends and family in attendance for what will be a spectacular event!

What Knot Photography
What Knot Photography

Overall, 3 talented photographers from New Dehli, Zirakpur and Mumbai all agree that choosing to get married in December is a GREAT decision. It will be cooler but with warmer colours, clothing and food, so what’s not to love?! Get in the festive spirit while dancing the night away as newlyweds.

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Photo: Into Candid Photography.
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