Decisions that will define your marriage

Setting the desired foundation and direction to your married life is something that is really important, so that you can keep it healthy and be happy in the amazing relationship that you and your partner have! You need to be really careful about a few things, before you think you are all set to get married to the one you love. Marriage is something that brings happiness, but with it, it also brings great responsibilities that must be taken care of by you. Jude Lazaro, from Jude Lazaro Wedding Photography, tells us about a certain things that one should think about before getting married, as that would define the marriage!

Photo: Jude Lazaro Wedding Photography.
Photo: Jude Lazaro Wedding Photography.


After you are married, it is very obvious that you have many responsibilities following you. May it be a responsibility of your partner, your in-laws, your own family, your kids, and what not. You need to have a proper control over these responsibilities, and must know how to handle them very cleverly, as they can come one-by-one, or even altogether, which at times is really difficult to manage. To keep this managed and organized, you need to have a control on everything simultaneously, as any thing can happen at any time, and no problems informs your prior to coming. Be ready to face every responsibility, and you would be good to go!


You would have heard people saying that opposites attract. Well, it is true till one extent. If you notice, there might be something totally opposite when it comes to you and your partner. If one likes adventure, then the other would like to be at calm places, if one is a talkative person, then the other would be a really silent and reserved person, and the list can go on forever! You must always keep in mind that every individual is not the same, may it be mentally, emotionally, or physically; every single one is different in their own good ways, and of course, for a reason. You must accept the differences and try to be like more of what the other person is, make that other person do what you are good at. Through this way, you can gel up well with your partner, and do what he is good at, and make him do what you are good at. This technique never fails to bring people closer to each other, and also make the relationship stronger than ever before.

Photo: Jude Lazaro Wedding Photography.
Photo: Jude Lazaro Wedding Photography.

Tough times

Don’t you always need a shoulder to cry on when you are sad? Well, this case is not just with you, but with every body else as well. Every body has tough times, and they should be brave enough to face it, instead of just giving up on them. You would not face the tough times before your marriage, as much as you would face them after the marriage. With great responsibilities over you, you would obviously freak out, and would not know what to do. You must be ready to go through these times, and make sure that your partner is right next to you, when you are going through a rough phase. If you really think that your partner would be definitely there with you, then you are on the right path of getting married, and your marriage would turn out to be really healthy.


There are all sorts of sacrifices when it comes to being with the one you love. Nothing really stands in front of true love, does it? When you really care about some one and love them immensely, then you would go till any extent to keep them happy, and see a smile on their face. Before you get married, be ready to have scarifies in your life for the one you love.


Priorities do matter when you are in a relationship. You must learn to keep priorities prior to your marriage, so that it does not bother you in the future, and so that you do not panic in the future, having huge responsibilities in hand too. Like for an example, after your marriage, if you are working in a firm, your priorities would be your job, and of course, your Husband. But after you have a child, you must prioritize every thing in a systematic way, and make sure that you are giving more time to the things that require it the most.

Photo: Jude Lazaro Wedding Photography.
Photo: Jude Lazaro Wedding Photography.

The above mentioned are the decisions that you must definitely think before you go in for the idea of getting married, because it would not just be beneficial for you, but your family as well. You would know whether you are totally ready for marriage or not, once you go through these, and marry the person you love. Also, you can go through Never leave a man who has these qualities, and marry him, so that you know that you are going to marry the perfect one, and the one who is going to be there with you with all the ups and downs in life!

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