Does Being Married Make You Happier?

Do marriege makes you happier? or does happy people get married? More or less both the answers lie within a good understanding of the key word 'happiness' and how to create it!

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We all have different experiences in our life, different people different opinions. When a person gets married, everybody surrounding him including himself has an intention of being happy ever after. Marriage is believed to be a sign of happiness and a good life. But, it can take some unexpected turn and end you up in an unwanted destination sometimes. The question that does being married makes you happy has a diplomatic answer to it. It is that, yes it can definitely bring a room full of happiness if but only if you’re married life is on a good road, smooth and beautiful. The second side of the coin is that it can become your worst nightmare and can be an end to your happy life.

savePhoto: Knotty Days - Fun Fabulous Weddings
Photo: Knotty Days – Fun Fabulous Weddings

It all depends upon you, your partner, your relationship and many more things. Let’s have a look at things that affect your married life, deciding whether it is a good one or not adviced by our expert Knotty Days – Fun Fabulous Weddings with a quality experience.


As we grow up, we make many new relationships with many people. Marriage brings along a lifetime relationship of a being a husband or wife of a person with whom you have to spend rest of your life with.  If you are sharing a cordial bond with your partner where there is care, love, understanding and mutual harmony with each other, the chances are that your marriage is going to bring you a joyous life ahead but if these things are not there, it can be the opposite in no time.

savePhoto: Knotty Days - Fun Fabulous Weddings
Photo: Knotty Days – Fun Fabulous Weddings


Being married does not mean that you are going to spend all your life with your partner. It also means that you get to live with a new family, new home and new people. As a wife, you leave your old home and live in a new one. It takes a lot to do that. If the new family is good, understanding, helping and adjusting, chances are high that the person will be happy with his or her married life. Some families are not accepting and good as in laws, which bring disaster in a new member’s life.

savePhoto: Knotty Days - Fun Fabulous Weddings
Photo: Knotty Days – Fun Fabulous Weddings


A person before getting married spends all his life either alone or with some partner. Basically, it lives an independent life where he can do anything that makes him feel good or anything he likes to do. After getting married, if a person’s personal space is invaded by his partner or by any other family member, he can be unhappy with his decision of getting married. Also, if the person is confined within certain boundaries and limits, is told to stop doing things that he mostly do because it makes him feel good, his happiness can be questionable. However, being too much authoritative and not letting your partner any kind of autonomy and trying to control all of your partner’s actions, keeping a detailed track of your partner’s activities and not having a concrete trust on him can cause not only your married life to end but it will also affect your partner’s metal status to a large extend and your partner may form some opinions about marriage which can be unchangeable and it will bring some seriously undesirable changes in him too.

Photo: Knotty Days – Fun Fabulous Weddings

Personal space

Give your partner his or her personal space and let your partner enjoy with other people other than your or your family. If you give your partner his or her personal time and let them enjoy their own time with their own friend’s group and family. It will not make them feel bounded or confined. Giving your partner the right amount of freedom and let them choose their own lifestyle is a good act of leading a healthy married life.

savePhoto: Knotty Days - Fun Fabulous Weddings
Photo: Knotty Days – Fun Fabulous Weddings

Lastly, have a vision of being the best couple, keep the love and trust alive between both of you. Do not let the sparkle dull. Devote time to your partner and make solemn trips where you both can spend some time alone. Take your partner’s perspectives into considerations and try to fulfill your loved one’s wishes and needs. Be your partner’s best person and superhero. If you prove to be good at these things, nobody can stop you and your partner from being happy with your married life. Also read How to maintain a good relationship with your father-in-law to know how to have good family relationships.

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