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Croatia is fashionable, perhaps for its turquoise waters, lush vegetation, its sensational climate and unusual spaces, both urban and natural. According to Travel Triangle  ,our expert in honeymoon travel, it’s definitely a miracle that the Balkan country has not been placed in the spotlight long before. So read carefully, Intoxicated with the content of the words and slowly discover why Croatia is a destination for honeymoons high exquisite honey. Before starting, have a look at 5 Things to Consider Before Planning Your Honeymoon

savePhoto: Knotty Days: Fun Fabulous Weddings
Photo: Knotty Days: Fun Fabulous Weddings

This is Croatia

Croatia has it all for love. It is a part of the Balkan Peninsula and has the privilege of soaking in the waters of the Adriatic Sea, water body belonging to the Mediterranean Sea. Glowworms whopping 1185 islands spread along the Dalmatian coast, picturesque and blue 1700 kilometers. As an important piece of gear that moves southern Europe, its climate is mild and pleasant, thanks to the secret formula cooking the sea breeze and the sun, the latter highest representative of the Croatian sky. There breathes in all parts of the country, the peace, tranquility and sweetness of the Mediterranean essence.

savePhoto: Macair
Photo: Macair

Croatia’s history is rich and exciting and seamless home with avant-garde movements of recent years, present in the cosmopolitan centers. It gained independence from the Second Yugoslavia in 1992 and has since struggled to achieve democracy, culminating in 1999 with the first fully democratic elections. In 2013, they succeeded, after a deep and satisfying facelift, one of its main objectives: to join the European Union. Zagreb is the capital.

savePhoto: Ajan Alex
Photo: Ajan Alex

Comfort on the coast

Its’ 1185 islands and 1700 kilometers of coastline are ideal for visiting by boat, perhaps the best partner to make the most of your honeymoon in Croatia. With the warm light of the Mediterranean, sail the waters of the Adriatic implies delivered to satisfy the different shades of blue. On board, its waters symbolize endless paintings painted by Mother Nature; swimming and diving, the feeling is pure and comforting, like a cool and refreshing embrace drawn in turquoise. Raduca beach, near the town of Primosten, is one of the most beautiful in the country.

savePhoto: Imilena lukasz
Photo: Imilena lukasz

The islands are the main attractions of the country. Hvar aims to become a place of pilgrimage of the Mediterranean, thanks to the mix of beach, lavender and hotels infarction, such as Adriana Hvar Spa Hotels and Resort Amfora Hvar Grand Beach. Brac, Zlatni Rat beach, beside a pine forest and an ancient Roman villa, is its’ most important demand, with changing shape by the bustle of its waters. In the area, the Bull Hotel is one of the most popular.

Also, Korkula, walled and birthplace of Marco Polo; Cres, known for its signature dish of lamb; and Rab, with coastal activity and a medieval tale town, are other island treasures that stand out for their beauty, between the wonderful group of islands museum. In most of these, the crystal clear water of its beaches merges with the color palette of pale sand. As an example, Stiniva beach, hidden among the rocks. On the island of Ciovo, the Hotel St. Cross, Villa Saint Cross and the Hotel Bol await you with open arms.

savePhoto: Adriana Hvar Spa Hotels
Photo: Adriana Hvar Spa Hotels

The peninsula of Istria, within the country, also offers the best of the coast, with luxury hotels like the Lone, unique design, several pools and spa; or Monte Mulini, blending the beauty of its gardens with its impressive pool and avant-garde cuisine. Both, like many resorts in the area and a few other Vrsar, belong to the prestigious hotel chain Maistra Hotels & Resorts.

savePhoto: Hotel Lone
Photo: Hotel Lone

Also in Istra, Umag is another of his references and coastal Istatourist chain is responsible for providing excellent accommodations. Thus, in the Hotel Meliá Coral include its multiple pool areas and Asian wellness center, while the Hotel Sol Aurora, also based in luxury, is considered as the first Croatian hotel committed to the environment.

savePhoto: Hotel Meliá Coral
Photo: Hotel Meliá Coral

Mediterranean nature

The Mediterranean seal spans the main landscapes of the country, making use of green chlorophyll to soak their natural prints. In fact, Croatia is one of the European countries with the highest biodversidad, placing four major ecoregions (Mediterranean, Alpine, Pannonian and Continental) living in all kinds of flora and fauna.

Mediterranean forests and temperate broadleaf ecosystems are quintessential home of most plants and animals that inhabit Croatia. However, throughout the country are estimated at between 50,000 and 100,000 species, 1,000 of which are considered endemic. In addition, wetlands, grasslands, swamps, marshes, scrub and coastal and marine environments complete the Croatian Natural thick. For your honeymoon, offering excursions through nature is a gift of unforgettable and authentic weddings.

savePhoto: Creative Travel Projects
Photo: Creative Travel Projects

The Plitvice Lakes National Park is one of the major claims of the country. It is a paradise of 16 turquoise lakes, waterfalls, rocks and vegetation immeasurable forest, perfect for a couple go and collect the best photos from your honeymoon. Also, the Krka National Park notes the importance of protected natural areas and ecosystems. This includes Skradinski buk, a natural pool crisscrossed by stunning waterfalls.

Large and charming towns

Zagreb, considered the “Little Vienna”, is the capital and a stronghold of charm unknown to many people around the world. The cultural offer is varied and ideal for filling the days of a trip boyfriends very European. The remains of the Austro-Hungarian Empire still adhered to the whole city, avenues, parks and landmark buildings. In addition, citizens of Zagreb enjoyed in any season of the year activity outdoor terraces, parks and squares. Discover the Lower City, travels to the past in the Upper Town, visit the square Trg Josipa Jelacica, Mirogoj cemetery, its beautiful gardens and the imposing cathedral.

savePhoto: Dreamer4787
Photo: Dreamer4787

Another of its jewels is undoubtedly Dubrovnik, a magical city of medieval setting. It retains many pieces of this time, as the wall of the X century, although both it and many of its treasures have had to be restored. In fact, Dubrovnik was a city so battered by wars and natural disasters, but has preserved its ancient charm thanks to the work of his conservative.

Today, it is a delightful city, designed with perfection and appearance of the Middle Ages, to the point of becoming one of the main stages of Game of Thrones. Notes the city wall (its 16 towers give away fantastic panormámicas), street Stradun and Luza Square, which houses the Sponza Palace, the Bell Tower and the Church of San Blas. Also notable for its beaches stone, both the city (do not Gradska Plaz stones) as those found in Lokrum Island, which is accessible by ferry. Two perfect environments for a full honey moon.

Split completes the trio of the most famous Croatian cities, although there are many others that deserve attention. In this case, we talk about another area with strong medieval influences, which become important palaces, Roman ruins and exquisite seaside town. Therefore, Split has been declared a World Heritage Site.

savePhoto: Mila Atkovska
Photo: Mila Atkovska

The city has its center in the Diocletian Palace, an imposing structure with towers, slides (Aurea, Argentea, Ferrea …) and the Cathedral of Split as main attractions. However, the city itself is a wonderful network of streets to get lost and enjoy, culminating with the beautiful promenade.

Cultural and historical centers

The specialty currently engulfing Croatia has to do with its historic past convulsed. Unions, spin-offs, monarchists periods of great importance (Hapsburg and Austria-Hungary), communism, war and independence determine the future of any city. Therefore, they have been stigmas of her past and can be seen in buildings like the walls of Ston, one of the longest in Europe, or Trakoscan Castle, atop a beautiful lake.

Two cities of great historical importance are Varazdin, planted by churches and monasteries that give life to its charming old town and Primosten, located on a small island, with the gift for their boyfriends extraordinary beaches.

savePhoto: OPIS Zagreb
Photo: OPIS Zagreb

Croatia is a small paradise in the middle of Europe. Today, with the improvement of tourism, is an excellent opportunity to discover its charms. Enjoy a moon of fun, varied and especially with the Mediterranean essence as honey flag. A mini guide to the perfect Honeymoon: Tips for organising the trip of a Lifetime! will help you further with the planning.

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