Food glorious food: How to survive the wedding season

Wedding season is soon commencing, Although incredibly excited with the countless invites, there is also the dread of “piling on them calories!” You look at your schedule and help! You have five consecutive weddings and that means five days of constant feasting and losing complete control over your diet. You spend the week behaving well, eating evenly and exercising to look great with the super dress you have prepared, but then the day of the event arrives and everything is tempting …

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During these months of consecutive marriages, the key is to learn to be moderate and prevent oneself from excessive eating despite the temptation! To help out a little, we would like to lend a hand with these tips to avoid adding an extra kilo or more.
1. Before you begin

Wedding invitations usually arrive well in advance, so one can prepare the body and not feel stressed about fitting into your ensemble. If you’re attending an afternoon wedding, having a well balanced breakfast is a great start because having drinks on an empty stomach is not ideal. If however, if it is a night ceremony, we recommend you have some snacks to ensure you are kept satiated for a long time and then you can choose your mains more wisely.

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2. Eating with the stomach, not with the eyes

From Appetizers, and mains, to deserts, one thing for sure is that at a wedding you will never go hungry! So, when they start serving food remember those aloo tikkis and chicken satais’ are just the tip of the iceberg. Remember to savour the moment, and relish every bite without thinking of the next!
3. The Buffet – Choose wisely

Wedding planners know how to seduce your palette with the buffet presentation, and know we will be tempted to eat everything. Therefore, when you choose, do it wisely, think about the effort you will have to put at the gym and at home to keep the body you work out for to wear the dress.

We advise that you consider your body and not your eyes. Seek value and select what will best fit your body. Choose more vegetables, and if there are live counters, count your blessings! you can always sauté your vegetables, sprinkle your own seasonings and herbs, and skip the oil totally.

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4. Dancing helps

Don’t be shy to show off them moves!, it’s a great way to get rid of those added calories and have  an amazing time with friends and family members.

5. Compensate your excesses

Whether you have been able to resist temptations or not, your body deserves a break. Best thing to recuperate from all the excess is to do a detox, eat more fruits, drinks vegetable smoothies and do not forget to go back to your zumba class!

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Finally, we hope that you enjoy all the wonders of the wedding season and a pinch of all the food choices available! Remember you can still have a good time and consider your diet with the help of these few tips.

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