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Getting married and living together is something that every body wishes for, at one point of time or another. It is the most awaited function of the family, may it be by you, your siblings, or your other family members. Getting married and living together is some what, say a tradition when it comes to Indian marriages. Hitesh Shivnani, from Hitesh Shivnani Photography will tell you more about such kind of a relationship!

savePhoto: Hitesh Shivnani Photography.
Photo: Hitesh Shivnani Photography.


The basic concept of such kind of a relationship is that once the couple gets married, they are made to live together, and not separately, so that they can have kids together, get to know each other more, and start a whole new life with each other every day. This concept has been going on for a really long time now, where the Bride leaves her house after the Wedding ceremony and goes to her Husband’s house after the vidai. Initially, the Groom stays with his parents for a period of time, then it is the couple’s choice whether to move out of the house and stay somewhere where it is just the two of them, or do they want to continue living with the parents.


There are many advantages when it comes to living together with whom you have taken seven vows. It leads to an extremely healthy relationship, and lets the couple know each other better than they knew them before. If it is an arranged marriage, then this is the best way to know each other in a better way. It being an arranged marriage, the couple obviously does not know about each other’s habits, needs, wants, likes, and dislikes. Staying together and spending time together is what will make you get to know more about your partner. In the case of a love marriage, without any doubt, it would have had your dream to get married and live together in the future. This way, your love would remain the same, and you can fulfill the dreams that the two of you had for the future.

savePhoto: Hitesh Shivnani Photography.
Photo: Hitesh Shivnani Photography.


This concept is basically about the existence of your partner, no matter what. When you are living together after your marriage, it makes you secure enough about your partner, as well as the relationship that you are in, that is, the relationship of a Husband and Wife. It gives you space away from the world, so that you can spend some quality time with each other. If this was not the case of living together, then at this point of time you would have had been meeting each other, hiding from every one, especially your family members. This way, you know that you and your partner are reserved for each other, and that no third person can come and ruin the beautiful relationship that the two of you have!


Before you get married, you need to make sure that you know the needs and wants of the person, so that it does not have an impact on your relationship in the future. There are a few people who initially do not really know as to what they exactly want to do in life, but later, find out about the same. This should not stop the two of you from living together and fulfilling your dreams. Even when you are totally bound in a relationship with your partner, you must give them enough freedom to fulfill their dreams, and allow them to achieve what they really want. You would also gain respect among the members of the society, as the society does not respect the couple who stay together, but are not married. When you are totally sure that you want to spend your entire life with the one, then why not just get married, start living together, and at the same time earn the respect of the people, instead of getting in to their bad-books.

savePhoto: Hitesh Shivnani Photography.
Photo: Hitesh Shivnani Photography.

Honesty and trust are very essential and crucial for a successful relationship. A relationship is independent of the way in which people choose to enjoy the factors of the same! This concept of getting married and living together is the best way of making people close to each other, and making them understand the other person even more than they already knew. You would very much understand the worth of the relationship, as well as your partner when you start living together, which in turn would make the relationship really healthy, and would also make it easier for the two of you to live together in the future as well. There are some things that you understand only when you have spent years with a person, and you cherish them all. Have you ever thought about the question- Does being married make you happier?

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