How a couple can have trendy and harmonized wedding outfits

Wedding season is in full bloom. It’s the time of year when young couples declare their love for one another in front of weeping family and friends, and then everyone proceeds to get inappropriately hammered on some ritzy golf course or banquet hall.

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Wedding season is in full bloom. It’s the time of year when young couples declare their love for one another in front of weeping family and friends, and then everyone proceeds to get inappropriately hammered on some ritzy golf course or banquet hall. One of the most difficult parts of preparing to attend a wedding is finding the right thing to wear. Memento of Shades will shot your beautiful pictures. Weddings are tricky because they’re somewhere between a night out on the town and a family gathering. You can’t get away with wearing what you would regularly wear on a Saturday night, but you also want to have an outfit that’s a little bit more fashion-forward than what you would wear to your aunt’s retirement party.

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Focus on details

When you are going for buying lehnga ask your partner to come with you this will help in selecting harmonized outfits. Formal wear can be difficult for guys because a lot of the options out there look pretty similar. Dolly Jain will help you for designing your dresses. You don’t want to be just another guy standing around the bar at a wedding reception in an innocuous suit that’s indistinguishable from the one the guy next to you is wearing.

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A wedding with a plus one, make sure you consult with your partner before choosing an outfit. Nobody wants to be that jerk who looks like he tried to out-dress his date, and clashing outfits will ruin all the pictures. Wearing a suit that complements your date is a classy move people will be impressed by your ability to coordinate.  Plus, if you’re struggling with what to wear, your date’s outfit may give you some direction. But remember that subtlety is key. Outfits that match in a really exaggerated way are better suited to comic book conventions, not wedding receptions.

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Be specific

Go with a lighter, natural fabric like cotton to keep yourself cool. Are the vows and the reception happening one after the other with no time to change in between? Then maybe opt for a tieless look and durable shoes so that you can keep dancing all night long. Take note of the practicalities of the situation location, weather, length of the event and plan your outfit around it. Makeup is also very necessary for any bridal look. Sanjana Bandesha Makeup & Hair Concepts will help you in with. Weddings are all-day affairs, so you have to choose an outfit you can feel comfortable in for a long period of time. You’re not going to impress anyone with what you’re wearing if you feel worn out, too hot, constricted, or in any way uncomfortable in your wedding-day outfit.

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Don’t be careless

Don’t leave your wedding outfit preparation to the last minute. This one is a no-brainer, but it bears repeating. If you haven’t thought about what to wear at least a week or two in advance, you could end up in the suit you wore to your junior prom, provided it still fits! Take the time to shop around for something nice. Consider buying something new. Weddings are once-in-a-lifetime occasions, and if you’re close to the bride and groom, it might be worth dropping some cash on something a little special. Get yourself a tailor they’re generally not too expensive, and they can work with you to alter whatever clothes you have something custom-made for your body type. And for God’s sake, make sure to shine your shoes and run an iron over everything before you leave the house. The presentation is everything!

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Don’t Upstage

This is probably the most crucial tip. Being a guest at someone else’s wedding means that you ultimately have to resign yourself to the fact that the day’s events are not about you. It’s about celebrating the happy couple and their love for one another. Don’t steal the thunder by wearing some earth-shattering outfit. Play it cool and opt for something classic, a finely tailored suit or tux, nothing too over-the-top.

Photo: Raga Lawns.
Photo: Momento of shades.

If you wear something flashy, you’ll look like an attention-seeking dweeb who can’t let someone else have the spotlight for one afternoon. Most importantly, don’t wear a white suit. The venue is also necessary for the weddings. Raga Lawns will be the best place for any wedding functions. Yes, this rule applies to guys as well. I don’t care if you totally look like James Bond in your white suit don’t wear it.

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