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How a groom should choose his Reception attire

Like every Bride, there are things that even a Groom must know while selecting an attire for a special function!

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To be formal enough at your Reception, you would wear nothing else other than a stylish suit. But just like women, there are some things that you must also know and look forward to, if you are choosing your Reception attire. It is not that easy to select outfits for big events like this, like how you men select outfits for casual wear! Mahima Bhatia is here to give you tips about how you must choose your Reception attire.

savePhoto: Mahima Bhatia Photography.
Photo: Mahima Bhatia Photography.

The color 

You must always keep in mind that the color of your attire at the most special function does matter, and it does make a difference. The color of the suit that you choose, must match the tone and texture of your skin, so that it does not look odd. Like, you can think of wearing a dark color over the light skin, but you just can not think of wearing a light color over the dark skin. This would just look odd. So just make sure that the color of the suit goes well with your color. Just like your suit, the decoration of the Reception place must also be color coordinated; don’t you think so? For this, you can contact Yuna Weddings, and have an amazing experience!

savePhoto: Yuna Weddings.
Photo: Yuna Weddings.

The fabric

Always make sure that the fabric that you choose for the outfit that you are wearing, must go hand in hand with the season. Like how the Winter is here, you might want to choose a warmer fabric so that you can be warm the entire time, than the lighter fabric. All you have to do is, select the finest fabric, that would not just keep you comfortable, but keep you happy as well. Ultimately by seeing you happy, every other person at the Reception would be happy as well, and you would also get amazing photographs captured. Just like your Reception outfit, there are things that you must know while selecting your Wedding outfit as well. Here they are!

Comfortable blazer

Select the best blazer according to you, because it is you who is going to be wearing it the entire time, and not any one else who is suggesting things to you. Listen to yourself and select the best out of the lot. Get your blazer tailored in such a way, so that it fits you so amazingly, that you are comfortable through out. Once you are comfortable, you would be able to enjoy each and every special moment without any irritation. Tight blazers can irritate you to a great extend. Make sure that you are comfortable in the one that you select. Well, when we talk about being comfortable, it is not just you in the picture. Now that you are tied into a forever relationship with your partner, you need to take care of her as well, and make sure that she is comfortable too. For this, you can surprise her with a beautiful bouquet from Ayoka Flowers, so that your bond becomes even stronger!

savePhoto: Ayoka Flowers.
Photo: Ayoka Flowers.


While selecting the trouser, you must always make sure that you are comfortable in it, and that it is not tight from any where. Select one only when you think that you can wear it to a big event, that would make you wear it for a good amount of time. You also need to try it out before you actually wear it, and check whether it does not tear while you are sitting on a chair and standing up again and again. Well, this is what you will actually have to do! Find out the best collection of Groom trousers right here!

Accessorize your suit in a classy way

You need to see to it that you are all decked up on your Reception, and that every one does not only admire your partner, but admire you as well. You must see to it that once you are done selecting an amazing suit for the big event, you must accessorize it up as well. You can get a matching tie with it to look classy, a bow so that you can get that cute and innocent look, and also cuff-lings that you not fail to make you look elegant. All this would just make you look very classy, and you would also look great in the photos that would be clicked, and cherish these memories later in life! After the reception, you might be planning for a Honeymoon, of course. You can contact Club Mahindra Holidays for an amazing experience at the exotic locations with the best offers! You both are definitely ought to have an amazing time with each other, which would definitely make your bond stronger.

savePhoto: Club Mahindra Holidays.
Photo: Club Mahindra Holidays.

You can also check out the amazing collection of the Groom bow and tie, that you blow your ind away! These tips would help you select the best Reception attire, so that you can just not go wrong at any turn. This would make you look great on the big event day, and the people present there would not help but compliment you each time they see you!

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