How a loveless marriage can be harmful.

Your marriege is the significance of your love and things can go seriously wrong if your lack love in this beautiful relationship.

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The lack of love and trust can cause your marriage to go into trash and even worse, make you stay into a relationship which means nothing to you. Read these 15 Things Only Married Women Understand.There are many inevitable harms of staying into a relationship which lack love and some of these are:

Ruin life

Imagine a situation where you had a small argument or fight with your partner, your mood will be spoiled, you will not feel good and will be worried all the time. Now imagine a situation where you not only have small arguments but also do not love each other, this is something major now. Your relationship is a big part of your life and if it is not going good and healthy then there is no second thought in the fact that your life is going to be ruined if you do not take appropriate steps for it. 7 Tips to make sure your partner keeps loving you is a must read.

savePhoto: Photo: Vivek Chawla Studio
Photo: Photo: Vivek Chawla Studio

Endless arguments

Where there is love, there is fight and where there is no love, there is an endless sequence of fights and arguments which you just can’t ignore. There will no understanding, you and your partner will be annoyed with each other and there will be serious trust issues. Make up your partner with a cute cake from Yummy Cake. 

savePhoto: Yummy Cake
Photo: Yummy Cake

No respect

Your marriage is not only the lifetime relationship of you and your partner but also two families. If you are leading a loveless life then your partner will never respect your feeling and will keep on hurting you. You both will never be able to understand each other and will question each other on every step. Also, not only you, your partner will not respect your family and will start taking you all for granted. Same goes for your partner, you will never be able to respect your partner and his family if you don’t find love amongst each other. To make things better, you can try on these 5 Ways to Make Him Feel Special

savePhoto: Vivek Chawla Studio
Photo: Vivek Chawla Studio

Bad example

Your marriage has been an example for many other people. May be the ones who are next to get married in your family, your sibling, friends and etc. If you are having a loveless marriage then you will never be able to make an example for other and inspires other to love someone or get married. Rather, you will be an example for why one should not get married. You can get back to the old times by planning a get away with your partner with Travel Land.

savePhoto: Travel Land
Photo: Travel Land

Bad nurturing

If you and your partner don’t love each other then you will never be able to make your children love others. You will have fights, arguments over small and big things in front of your children or maybe, in the absence of them and it will surely leave a very bad impression on them. Not only about love but also about their parents who are having a stressful relationship. Go out for a family dinner and some gala time at The Ritz Carlton.

savePhoto: Vivek Chawla Studio
Photo: Vivek Chawla Studio


Marital discords are something very common and what more common is, it reason. The reason is, yes you are right, lack of love. You will face marital discords every now and then. You will not be able to lead a happy life and may become very stressful. This can also mark the end of your social life or may be, result in you becoming depressed. To have love is important, it keeps things on pace. If there is no love then there is war and wars always hurt. Let your love and chemistry reborn by having a romantic photoshoot by Vivek Chawla Studio.

savePhoto: Vivek Chawla Studio
Photo: Vivek Chawla Studio

Having love is important. It makes your life beautiful; it makes you like things and at the top of everything, and it makes you feel happy. If you and your partner are facing any such problems then you should just take a remedy for it. Take some time out for each other and have each other’s company. Go out for a couple of days maybe for a trip, or just a dinner or anything that made you both love each other for the very first time. Rewind your old days and remember how happy you were when you were hit by the cupid. Don’t forget to read these 10 things your husband wants to hear from you

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