How a man can understand his lady's silent signs/hints

With so many thoughts running inside your woman’s mind, find out about how you can understand her silent signs and hints, so that everything can go back to square one!

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It is a universal truth that understanding women is probably the toughest thing to do. There is no doubt about the fact that women speak a lot, and more than it is necessary. But there is an irony to it. No matter how much a woman speaks, it is still very difficult to understand them, and understand what is really going on inside her mind. Understanding a woman is like going through a jigsaw puzzle. With so many things going on inside her mind, there are only a few things that she actually tells out to the people who matter the most to her. Neytra would help you crack the code of how you can understand your woman’s silent signs and hints! This would definitely make you understand her feelings and emotions in a much better way, and the two of you would easily go a long way together!

savePhoto: Neytra Photography.
Photo: Neytra Photography.

Eyes speak a thousand words


The main and the most important thing that you need to understand about a woman is that no matter what, she would always try to talk with her eyes, if she is not able to tell you some thing. There are some situations in which your woman would not be able to come forward and tell you thing. You need to make sure that you catch this hint and ask her about what is going on in her mind. Once you do this, she would fall in love with you even more, because she would know that you understand her way better than any one else. This would give her the sense of security and happiness. No matter however your lady is, here are the signs that prove that you have an amazing partner!

Carefully observe her hands

This is applicable not only for the women, but for any one and every one. If you see your woman playing a lot with her hands, and not talking, then there is some thing that he really wants to tell you, but is not able to tell you directly. This also means that she is thinking about some thing serious, which she is really emotional about. If she is playing with her hands, then it is a sign that you must ask her about what is wrong, other wise she would not come up and tell it to you, and it would be inside her unless and until you ask her, or she is comfortable enough in telling it to your directly. You can make your woman happy by gifting her some thing. You can gift her a beautiful piece of jewellery for her hands by Outhouse Jewellers. She would definitely love it!

savePhoto: Outhouse Jewellers.
Photo: Outhouse Jewellers.

The body language reveals everything

The body language generally reveals every thing about a person, and what is really going on in their mind; is it some thing positive or some thing negative. No matter what it is, the body language explains it all. All you need to do is, observe the body language of your woman in every situation, so that you know about what exactly is going on in her mind. She being your woman, would tell you any thing and every thing that is going on in her life. If your assumption is right, then talk it out with her. If you do not understand about what is really going on in her mind, then ask her. She would really appreciate it, and the caring factor would increase between the two of you. There are a few things that you understand only after you understand a few years with the one! Make sure you know what they are.

savePhoto: Neytra Photography.
Photo: Neytra Photography.

If she is getting restless, talk it out with her

Getting restless is also a sign that there are a lot of things going on in your woman’s mind. Either there is some thing wrong that is happening that she does not like, or there are many things going on in her mind at once. This mainly happens when she is really hurt by some thing or some one. A woman does not forget things easily, and keeps thinking about the same thing again and again until and unless it becomes alright. So if you see you lady getting restless, then make sure you know what is going on in her mind, and console her. To console her, you can get her a beautiful bouquet of flowers from Fresh Knots. She would be really excited and happy to see it, as women love flowers.

savePhoto: Fresh Knots.
Photo: Fresh Knots.

Know that she is mad at you if she suddenly stops talking

This is one of the most common thing that happens in every relationship. The women are very understanding, no matter what. They always understand about why the other person takes certain steps and actions. But if you do some thing wrong, she would avoid talking to you for some time, so that the things do not get worse and so that you do not fight. You can also take your woman out for a getaway at Chunda Palace, to sort out things peacefully, and making sure that every thing is fine.

savePhoto: Chunda Palace.
Photo: Chunda Palace.

These tips would help you out with one of the most toughest things, that is, understanding your woman’s silent signs, and also making sure that she is fine. There are a million thoughts running inside a woman’s head at one time, and these would help you know them better. Know how you can impress your lady, and make her feel really loved.

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