How About a Festival for Your Honeymoon? Love, Laughter and Music

Amaze your love with more adventure, fun and break all the stereotypes through an astonishing vacation with festive season; live, love and laugh!

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Vacations a word nowadays which doesn’t denote as relaxing in fact it has been transformed it’s whole meaning as full enjoyment, excitement, adventure, music and love. But nowadays couple are taping an opportunity for a vacation with the festivals. The new world embraces these couple’s erotic vacations as merely another way for two people to enjoy their time away from home. For the open-minded couples looking for an erotic experience, there has never been a better time to get out and explore. There are a multitude of choices out there. Some are destinations in themselves, while others can be an enjoyable event around which a vacation experience can be built. Mr. Gagan Gaur who is the GM of, says that nowadays Indians prefer to go abroad to celebrate their Honeymoon. Singapore, Malaysia, Srilanka, Spain, Italy and France and Thailand are among the most favorite destinations.

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We have compiled a list of couple’s vacations with festivals that people of all interest and experience levels can enjoy.

1. Erotic Cruises

One of the newer trends in couple’s erotic vacations, an adult-themed cruise is a great option for anonymity.  These cruises cater to the seasoned swing veterans and curious couples alike. There is a high level of discretion and, contrary to popular opinion, the whole ship is not a free for all. They have designated areas and themed rooms to help heighten your enjoyment. Who wouldn’t enjoy a topless option in the ship’s nightclub? One of the major players in the couple’s erotic vacation cruises is ‘Bliss Cruise’. They have the erotic cruise experience down to a science. They are well organized and have designated play areas for couples looking to play or just watch. They offer a different themed party each night to allow their guests to immerse themselves in a fantasy world.

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2. Schloss Milkersdorf

What better way to enjoy a couple’s erotic vacation than to head off to Germany and live out your fantasies in a renovated castle? The Schloss Mildersdorf Castle offers erotic parties for couples. You can control the amount of involvement you wish to have by the color mask you choose to wear. They also offer such amenities as a darkroom where guests are encouraged to explore their sense of touch and what they call a Venetian Mirror where you can watch or be watched by others. Another benefit to a destination like this is the proximity to other great European destinations. Spend a few nights at the castle exploring your desires and then continue on to a more traditional European vacation. Also see Enjoy an Exquisite Honeymoon in New York.

While not one of the more traditional couple’s erotic vacations, the World Bodypainting Festival in Austria is definitely one of the most unique. The three day festival is a mix of art, music and beautifully painted bodies that takes place in Poertschach, on the picturesque Lake Woerthersee, in Austria. They offer what they call Bodypaint City, which is an expansive living gallery divided into various zones. Each zone has different attractions and themes. Another attraction is the fantasy themed Body Circus, where guests are encouraged to become something supernatural. Check this out Visit Paradise With a Honeymoon in Costa Rica.

This is a great retreat for a couple’s erotic vacation. The Hump! Film Festival began in Portland, Oregon and has since migrated across the US. Part amateur porn festival and part comedic genius, you will be treated to five minute short porn films as diverse as the clientele. Where else could you see a unicorn masturbating on a rainbow?

5. La Tomatino

A festival of tomato throwing based in Bunol, Valencia, Spain on the 4th Wednesday of August. This festival has people pelting each other for one hour with tomatoes, with the goal of getting down a piece of ham tied to a pole.

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6. St Valentine’s Festival, Italy

This is a festival that honors St. Valentine the patron saint of romance in his hometown Basilica di San Valentino, in Terni, Italy. This festival takes place around the 14th and is marked by an Italian feast, jewelry making contests and even an annual “Year of Loving” award.

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7. Victorian Christmas Festival, England

This is the celebration of the Christmas month is a Dickensian style that takes place from 30th Nov – 2nd Dec’ and takes place in Portsmouth, England. The celebrations include fairs, markets and celebration of history. Also see Honeymoon in Sri Lanka Between Nature, Art and Culture

This festival of lights occurs in November. People gather around water bodies and float balloons, leaves and bowls with lamps lit on them.

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9. Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, California

A three day event taking place in Coachella, California, this event is marked by several and diverse musical performances by artists from the world over. Usually scheduled for the 3rd weekend of April, this event has live performances being performed in tents all over the desert.

10. Goa NYE

Some say Goa’s parties are not what they used to be. We say it’s still hard to beat dancing on the beach, with the sand between your toes and fairy lights strung on every palm tree, sequinned sari skirts twirling under the stars. And New Year’s Eve is the best time of year to party in Goa, with fireworks and celebrations all along the coast of India’s good-time state.

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 Gone is much of the negative stigma associated with “swingers” or that type of hedonistic lifestyle. Now couple are experimenting with lifestyle and vacations are on the top. Don’t forget to live, laugh and love. The more you invest in love, life the more benefit you will get and cherish those beautiful moments.

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