How to avoid these 7 unbelievable things before your wedding

Here are some things that you must avoid before your Wedding, that would make your special day even more special.

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The day before the Wedding is something like the zero kilometer, that marks the yellow tile road, to one of the most important and special days of your life. It is a fact that you obviously would be nervous, and would not really know about what to do before a Wedding. Here, Candid Wedding Stories would tell you about the things you must NOT do before the Wedding. This is so that you can enjoy every part of the event, and cherish the memories down the memory lane!

savePhoto: Candid Wedding Stories.
Photo: Candid Wedding Stories.

Do not work


Yes, it is pretty obvious that you would not work from at least a week before your marriage, because of all the preparations that you have to be sure about. But there are still some people who have to work, no matter what. For them, it is advised not to work before their marriage, so that the glow on the face does not go away. The only key to get disconnected from social media as much as you can! The glow is very important, so that you look really fresh, and also so that your photographs turn out to be really good as well. Here are the ways by which you can look perfect in your Wedding photos, and avoid these mistakes.

No experimentation with your skin

Just the day before the Wedding, do not enter the madness of seeing yourself in a different form. There might be chances of some thing or the other going wrong, which would no wonder spoil your special day. It is the best to leave the things as it is, and leave it to your beautician, as she would know about how your skin is to be treated, instead of you experimenting things yourself, and going crazy at the last moment. Like how you must avoid experimenting with your skin, there are a few things you must avoid in a relationship as well, so that it does create any difficulty in the relationship.

Beware of hair removal

It is not at all convenient that just the day before your big day, you experiment with the tweezers, the photo-dilapidation, or the wax. When you know that there is a salon for doing such things, then there is totally no point in experimenting things yourself, and ruining your face or your body, right before the big day. This way, you run the risk of burning yourself, or arriving at the Wedding with irritated or reddened skin, which obviously would not look good. You can check out Aakriti Kochar, a make-up artist, to get the best treatment right before your special day!

savePhoto: Aakriti Kochar.
Photo: Aakriti Kochar.

Avoid fast food

You must totally avoid food with saturated fat. Not only because it is not healthy, and it would have an impact on your skin, but majorly because it has the tendency of making you fat, that would result in you not fitting into your own beloved Wedding outfit. That would be the saddest part, wouldn’t it? Fast food is very rich in salt, and this promotes fluid retention, and swelling of the body and the area of the face under the eyes. You and your partner can eat what ever you guys want, but after the Wedding, when you do not have to take care of the size of your body. Also, there are a few things that you must do with your partner before the two of you get married.

Don’t get cranky

Getting cranky right the day before your Wedding would not have the required glow on your face! All the hard work would go into the drain if you do not enjoy your own Wedding. Getting cranky, and disliking every thing that has been done is not the way out. You need to respect the hard work of the people, and tell them what you do not like, in a very polite manner. Take a deep breath and remember that it is not just you who need to enjoy the special day, but the Groom as well. You can contact Dili Event Wale., so that your Wedding turns out to be way better than expected, and so that you do not have anything to complain about.

savePhoto: Dili Event Wale.
Photo: Dili Event Wale.

Avoid alcohol

It is vital to avoid alcohol at least 24 hours before your Wedding. This is one of the main factors of dehydration of the skin, and can cause you to rise with your face more muted and less rested than it should. It is not just alcohol that has negative impacts on your skin, but other things as well. You must also avoid carbonated drinks that make you swell a lot, and can make your dress fir more tightly than it really should. If you are confused about how you want to select the jewellery, then there are a few mistakes that must be avoided.

Do not wear your Wedding dress

Do not even touch your Wedding dress before the day arrives, except when you are first trying it, of course. There are many things that happened unintentionally. If you just have a random thought of trying it to check it out for one last time, then it is advised that you do not do it. This increases the risk of it being damaged by a stain, or any kind of doubts. It is not only the dress that you must not touch, but the accessories as well, because if something gets misplaced, it would definitely increase your work load. To choose the best jewellery, you can go through R C Jewellers, for a great variety of accessories.

savePhoto: R C Jewellers.
Photo: R C Jewellers.

Following these tips would not just help you enjoy your Wedding day, but also make it special because every thing would be on point, and not just you, but your Husband and family would be really happy as well. There are a few things that you need to experience before getting married, so that you have a happy married life in the future!

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