How to avoid these common wedding mistakes

When you are inviting your folks to your wedding, you try to think of every detail so that you do not miss anything. But when it comes to weddings it is true, even if you’re the guest, it is difficult to organize: dress, shoes, accessories, travel, hotel for the night … And often make mistakes without even realizing it. In Zankyou we do not want you to face these mistakes at your wedding!

Go for pink or red

Believe it or not, it is important and you will realize it on your wedding day. Think carefully about your wedding look and how you want to represent yourself on your big day, do not go for simple or light colours. A bride should choose a bright colour for her wedding and reception dress with embroidery with Tamanna Punjabi Kapoor.

Learn more about “Photo: Tamanna Punjabi Kapoor.”
Photo: Tamanna Punjabi Kapoor.

Hairstyle and makeup

In this case, remember that less is more. Not be painted as a door and take a bow that looks like a sleeker, you’ll look nest but quite the opposite. Furthermore, the trend this year is to be a natural look on your wedding night. We recommend you the great and famous makeup artist Ambika Pillai who can make you look stunning on your dream day. Have a look Top 10 Makeup Artists in Delhi.

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Photo: Ambika Pillai.

Check with dress

So, are you ready for your big day, before you go to see your wedding dress, let yourself know the timing of your wedding whether it is going to take place in day or night time and venue? Are you going have a religious ceremony, do not opt ​​for a mini dress or extra ordinary go for traditional wear. We have to know what to wear for every occasion!

Rooms in Designers, online Indian designer boutique you can have a look, you’ll find the perfect place to look impeccable for your upcoming events look, its wide range of garments and designers will make it difficult for you decide on a unique styling.

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Photo: Gladrags Party Solution

Best friends

Your best friends are the stars of that day and all guests will want to be with them. Do not hesitate to have them a little time for yourself but not continually try to get their attention.

Be the protagonists

Many guests do not consider that the wedding day is not only your day. That is a day in which everything must revolve around the bride and groom and not only about yours … It’s not the time to be protagonist it is time to get yourself involve with everyone as their kids as they came to attend your wedding to make you feel happy and blessed.

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Photo: Knotty Days.

Judging certain aspects of the celebration

Be it a wedding of two friends or distant acquaintances, if there is something you should not do is judge the details of the wedding. If food is scarce, if you do not like dance songs, if you had not chosen that wedding dress … Set aside these comments for the privacy of your home. Surely not coincides in certain respects with the election of the bride and groom for the big day but you should not pass it on to any guest.

Bring an envelope with money for boyfriends

If there is something that has already been outdated is passing on the couple with money as a gift for the wedding. The best alternative is to use the list wedding like that Zankyou offered free for those who wish boyfriends.

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Photo: Our Wedding Chapter.

Do not take too much drink before dance

You can be source more than a ridiculous situation and regret the next day. It is good to have control with cocktails. You can have open bar and also with the food, you could play a trick! Remember that at the end of your wedding day. It is good to have fun and have a great time for both the bride and groom along with guests.

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Photo: Candid Wedding Stories.

Do not forget to congratulate the couple

Sometimes, it is so much emotion that you forget to congratulate the couple. It is a very common mistake, so keep that in mind! It will not be a nice touch if you do not, do not get much busy only in appreciating her dress, makeup and shoes need to appreciate and congratulate couple and bless them for their upcoming future.

Make indiscreet questions

Type: duration for children?, how much the wedding cost you ?, whom to invite? These are questions that you should not think much and care less on your wedding day. At that point you can only import the happiness of the couple and that joy is shared by all the guests.

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Photo: Mahima Bhatia.

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