How to avoid these mistakes at the time of jewellery shopping

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Chances are, you are obsessed about your wedding outfit. So much so, that you probably haven’t paid that much of a though to it. There are a gazillion options out there, which can get very overwhelming! So here are some common mistakes which we noticed a lot of brides make while choosing / buying their wedding jewellery. How to include a touch of ‘Rajasthan’ at your wedding

savePhoto: Kalyan Jewellers
Photo: Kalyan Jewellers

Matching the jewellery to the lehenga

Your wedding outfit might never see the light of day again, but your jewellery definitely will! So make sure to not get jewellery which is an exact match to the lehenga, cuz let’s be honest , it is an expensive investment and you will be wearing your jewellery again – so buy neutral sort of jewellery that can be worn with a variety of outfits later. Choose sets with earrings that can be worn by themselves later with a saree,or kadas which can be worn with just about anything.

savePhoto: Kalyan Jewellers
Photo: Kalyan Jewellers

Buying jewellery after you buy the lehenga

This is so simple, but so many brides  get it wrong ! a wedding set is a much more expensive investment than your lehenga. It just makes more sense to get your wedding set first. If you do it the other way around , then your options for jewellery get limited and customising jewellery to suit your outfit is much harder than the other way round. How to choose the right wedding ring

Not customising your blouse neckline to the necklace

Not every necklace looks good with every neckline. Based on your choice of necklace, get your blouse neckline designed and choose an outfit to complement.  This could work well for almost any function, and any kind of outfit- traditional, and modern or fusion!

savePhoto: Kalyan Jewellers
Photo: Kalyan Jewellers

Forgetting contrast works well sometimes

Like we said, matching jewellery to your lehenga limits the use later on. Contrast also works amazingly well, and is also a recent trend we’ve been seeing more of off late , which makes the jewellery really stand out instead of merging with the outfit.

Buying one huge set instead of two smaller ones

Layering necklace sets works very well for brides, and is a smart move when it comes to buying jewellery. This way, instead of one big set which is more of a liability, you end up spending the same amount of money on two smaller sets – maybe one choker and one larger neckpiece, which gives you more options to reuse them later.

savePhoto: Kalyan Jewellers
Photo: Kalyan Jewellers

Not buying certified jewellery

Simply speaking, all that jewellery you picked up is not an investment if it aint certified. You need to pick jewellery – gold, diamond, solitaire, or platinum which is certified, otherwise there’s simply no point. You might as well save yourself some money and buy imitation jewellery.

Not knowing the difference between Polki and Kundan

This one is something most brides are guilty of. Polki jewellery is made of unfinished natural diamonds, so they are basically uncut diamonds that are mined without any enhancement. It is a lot shiner and expensive than Kundan jewellery, which is made of  glass stone and not diamonds.

savePhoto: Kalyan Jewellers
Photo: Kalyan Jewellers

Not taking face shape into consideration

Just because a certain type of necklace or mathapati looked nice on a bride who is your inspiration, does not mean it will look the same on you. A choker necklace will make an oblong face really long. So make sure the type of statement jewellery suits your face shape.

Buying earrings without support

Polki earrings or those with gemstones are hardly ever light, and buying them without customised saharas or supports at that time can literally turn out to be a pain in your lobes! Plus, you will never wear the earrings without them ever, so it makes sense to buy together-that way the colour of the metal on the earrings and the support chain will always match to the T.

savePhoto: Kalyan Jewellers
Photo: Kalyan Jewellers

Buying trendy jewellery

It’s OK if you are picking a lot of jewellery, but not when you are picking of one or two sets as an investment, which are going to probably be the only big sets you will ever own. Buy classic timeless pieces which can be worn even 10 -20 years later maybe handed down as a heirloom.

savePhoto: Kalyan Jewellers
Photo: Kalyan Jewellers

Jewellery is a great way to take your look from day to night. It takes people’s mind off your wrinkles. It’s like the perfect spice – it always compliments what’s already there and life is too short to wear boring jewellery.

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