How to be a good Son-in-law!

Do not wait for any occasion to meet your in-laws, make your in-laws special by treating them like your parents!

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We have seen that in marriage all sacrifices would be done by the bride. As she is the one who left her home, parents, family and of course a part of her life. Bride’s parents have to face that loneliness too because their golden bird has flew to other’s nest which is the rule and we have follow this as we do. But what if son-in-law will fill their space by his presence, love and care towards them!!! Isn’t it great.


Yeah! Everyone loves pampering, love, care, attention so guys … here are some useful tips to be a good son-in-law and to make your better half to feel proud on you, we do have tips for How to be a good wife!

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Yes, whenever you went for shopping and you see some hat or a good novel, without giving a thought you should buy them for your parents just like that do the same with your new parents too. We have heard happiness multiples when it get spread … so spread as much happiness as you can, share your happiness with them. All they want from you is little bit time, care and concern. They won’t demand much but its your responsibility to take care of them.


They gave you something very precious, and there life saving or life line that is their daughter so you can evaluate their sacrifices. They are not demanding for anything except respect which they deserve and if any time you found them pathetic then before going on any decision first step into there shoes! So try to understand there situation and find the new ways to how to deal with it.

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Handle with care

As there age is double of you or not similar to you so they need extra care like we care small babies. They are very sensitive so try to make them happy always even your situation won’t allow you but try to be nice with them. Be polite while talking with them, have patience if they are not able to explain you something.

Plan a vacation

You go on a trip with your friends right! So why not this time go for vacation with your new parents. It’ll help you to know more secrets about your wife. It will even help you to be in touch with your new family. You might found new personalities or talent in your new family.

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Reels and Frames Photography.

Go for lunch or dinner

As you go for your office parties or in someones wedding. You can go for lunch or dinner date with your new family too, to know each other more. It will make you feel great about having such a beautiful life which is full of blessings and a family with which you wanna live forever.

Surprise them

Everyone loves surprises, no one will gonna say that I don’t like surprises. We are humans and yes we do have different personalities, set of minds or opinions. Surprise them with your love and care. They’ll feel great about having a son-in-law like you and they will share their happiness to others.

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Photo: Tarun Jha Photography.

Be mature 

Parents feel good when they realize that their children has become more mature and a kind person but being mature does not mean that you  can forget your kiddishness. Parents love our stupidness as well as sincerity. So now you have to make a combo of it How to be happy in long a distance relationship.

Be with them

Yes, it is not easy to be with your new parents always but try to make your presence before your wife, when they need you. And I assure you that this will be an amazing experience for them as well as they will thank god to have you in their life. Your wife would be falling in love with you again and again. Make them happy as much as you can because this is a one life in which you have to achieve everything.

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Photo: Simplypush Photography.

Make peace with your work and love life, which you can learn from your parents, you can learn so many things from your parents How to get a happy and healthy relationship! Which you can also learn from your parentsDon’t wait for any occasion to meet with them. Listen them they will give you some better knowledge and if anytime you find yourself in a situation where you’re not able to make a decision try, to take help of them, or take guidance from them. They’ll give you or show you the right way. Which you never thought in your life 8 Details that no bride should forget on her wedding day.

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