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How to be a Great Wedding Guest: Dos and Don'ts

Attending a wedding? Make sure the bride and groom remember you as an excellent guest with these dos and don'ts!

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When you are invited to a wedding, it means that your presence at the ceremony is very important to the couple. Whether you care or not, as a guest, you are obligated to respect the invite. There are plenty do’s and don’t s when it comes to being a wedding guest. Let us mention few of them.

Consider possibilities


Look at your schedule before accepting the invite. If you have some prior engagement, think about whether it is more important than the wedding and decide between the two.

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Always reply to the couple’s invitation by contacting the RSVP number or address. Making wedding arrangements can be very chaotic for the whole family. Failing to RSVP will be very inconvenient for the couple and their parents as they need to keep track of the guest list.

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Last minute change

Whether you wish to attend or skip the wedding, never change your mind at the last minute. If you wish to skip the wedding, remember that the couple has already paid for your attendance. Let only last minute emergencies change your plans.

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Arrive on time

Always be on time. Some people have a tendency to skip the ceremony and arrive just in time for dinner. They arrive late, eat, and go. Don’t ever do that. Remember, you were invited to a wedding and are there to celebrate the union of the couple. Always congratulate the parents, wish the couple good luck, bring a good gift, take some pictures, and spend some time socializing with other guests before you start eating dinner.

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Social media

Don’t post pictures that you take of the couple on Facebook or any other social media. It’s their special day. Let them choose the images they want to share. If you wish to publish a photo, ask for permission. Respect the wishes of the couple.

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When it comes to choosing a dress, avoid dresses that could resemble a bridal gown and don’t wear jewelry that you wore on your wedding. Everyone’s full attention should be on the bride and groom. Don’t let guests have the wrong idea as to which one is the bride! Respect the fact that this is someone’s big day and avoid wearing red!

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The photographer might ask you to step aside because his camera can’t capture you in a group photo or you are standing in a position that prevents the shot from coming out the way he wants. Do not feel offended. He is just doing his job. Get your pictures taken when asked.

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Avoid arguments

If you happen to get into an argument with someone at the wedding, end it right away. Drama and fights are the last thing a host wants to deal with at a party. Let the couple remember you as a gracious, happy guest.

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Try to leave the couple and their parents with the impression that the wedding would not have been the same without your attendance. Be pleasant and nice and remember to meet the couple and their parents before you leave to congratulate them and thank them for inviting you.

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