How to be Perfect in Your Wedding Photos: 8 Mistakes to Avoid!

It’s not every day that you get married. Your wedding photos are the only way that you will get to look back on your special day. Sometimes brides feel disappointed in their photos, not because of the photographer, but because of how the brides themselves appear in the shots. We want to prevent this from happening to you, so we asked some of the best wedding photographers in the industry to tell us the mistakes that brides make most often when they pose for their wedding photos. This is what they told us!

Being camera shy

When you’re not used to having a camera around, it will show automatically in your photos, making it difficult for your photographer to shoot you naturally. One of the main tips that photographers give us is to relax and enjoy the moment. Relax and take it easy! It’s best to focus on your partner and enjoy your first day as newlyweds. This is the best way to get photos to turn out well.

Photographer Nikhil Arora says that the key photos to beautiful and natural wedding photos is to simply enjoy the moment. Having clients feel calm and relaxed “is precisely what we want to convey in photos,” he says.

For Manish Chauhan, the key is to forget about the camera. He says, “My advice for grooms is that, at the time of taking pictures, try to make the most of each another… imagine that they are alone and that no one is shooting with them.”

Choose a Photographer you are comfertable with

The best way to be and feel comfortable in front of the camera is to choose a photographer you are comfortable with. As soon as you strike a chord with your photographer, you forget about the camera completely. If you find the right photographer, you will feel and look natural in your photos,” says Abhimanyu.

Prasheila shares the same view: “Keep in mind that the bride and groom usually do not know how to pose for the camera… Therefore, it is best not to force looks into the camera and look for the naturalness… let them first relax…”

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According to Candid Wedding Stories, rushing photo sessions are a huge mistake.  If you stop worrying about missing the party, “photos will come out much better because you will be more relaxed… Plus it’s the only time of the wedding that you are able to have quiet time with your husband. Take advantage!”

This idea is also shared by Tarun Jha, who says the attitude of the couple before the session makes a huge difference. “To have a good result in the wedding pictures, the couple’s attitude is essential. They must have a good attitude and desire to take photos. Otherwise it will no doubt, influence the final result, “he explains.

Don’t think much about details
You need to remember that accessories, such as bouquet, dress details, makeup or shoes are elements that make up your entire look. Wedding photographers emphasize that, often, brides are not fully aware of the importance of their accessories and dress details. “It is true that supplements are very important… Usually the work to take care of those details should be helped by the friend’s of bride. They always ask a friend or someone you trust to accompany us to the session so that we don’t miss any detail,” says Tarun Jha.

Plan a head

Abhimanyu says couples should always schedule some time for a couple shoot in between functions. “While planning the day, it is always a good idea to dedicate some time, even if it is 20-30 minutes, for a couple shoot. A lot of couples miss out on getting some brilliant shots together, because they thought they would just wing it on the day of.”


Taking too long at the exit of the mandap

Greeting your guests at the exit of the mandap is one thing. Being there too long, giving kisses left and right, is another thing that can affect the result of the photo shoot, as explained by Our Wedding Chapter. “If greetings after the mandap are prolonged, one of the problems is that the makeup of the bride can be affected, which will affect the rest of the photos…”

Skipping pre-wedding preparation

It is a mistake that leads to less natural and more studied camera and poses. Our Wedding Chapter says “Photographers highly recommend the bride and groom make a pre-wedding schedule 15 days prior to your wedding day.”  A pre-wedding photo session “allows you to display couples, especially brides, their strengths and weaknesses, so that helps them lose that fear of the camera they have, “he explains. If you find this tip useful, do not miss this post how to convince your partner that you have to make a pre-wedding.

Listen to the professional

If you hire a professional to do your wedding photos, trust the photographers and their advice! Their years of experience will help you get much better wedding photos. After all, “…that’s who has experience and who must find the keys, and they know tricks to get a good result”. Of course, the bride and groom have to follow their instructions and be advised.

The wedding photos will be one of the most important mementos you will have from your big day, so it is worth it to follow the advice of experts. Make sure you choose a professional photographer to ensure the success of your photo shoot and your wedding story. You cannot risk having a bad photo album that you regret!

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