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How to be the perfect Bhaiya and Bhabhi on this Raakhi!

On this Raakhi, show your siblings you care. Follow these tips to be the best Bhaiya and Bhabhi!

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Raksha Bandhan is the Indian festival of brothers and sisters, which is celebrated by many Hindus. On this day, sisters tie rakhi, a decorative thread on the wrist of their brothers and in return, brothers pledge to protect their sisters. With rakhi tying and the traditional pooja ceremony, the festival of Raksha Bandhan is a reinforcement and celebration of the protective bond between brothers and sisters. Sisters wait the whole year for this special day to express love and appreciation for their brothers.

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Candid Wedding Stories.

On this Raakhi, Bhaiya and Bhabhi should participate. Every bhabhi should ask her sister-in-law what she wants, likes, or needs in order to select the perfect gift.

Chocolates are the best:  Everyone loves chocolate, especially women. Bring her a bunch of chocolate and she will surely enjoy it!

Shopping: Shopping is every girl’s favorite activity. Your sister-in-law will love it too. Take her out shopping on this Raahki.

Accessories: As a girl, you can never have too many earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. You can also gift jewelry boxes and organizers so she can keep her accessories all together.

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Photo: Knotty Days.

“Brothers and sisters are as close as hands and feet,” says a Vietnamese proverb. Make sure you commemorate the strong bond you share with your sibling.

Brother is the best friend

A brother is a sister’s best friend. Your brother understands you better than anyone else. He is someone who spends the most time with you and who knows each and every thing about you.

Problem solver

Your brother solves your all problems before letting anyone else know. Sometimes he can get angry with you but he is the one who will take the most care of you. No matter what your problem is, if you have your brother, you’ll always be fine.

 Secret keeper

Your brother is someone who keeps your secrets. Maybe sometimes he says, “I will tell this to mother and father,” but he never does.

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Own language

You and your brother have your own language that you speak in front of your parents. You share many jokes that only the two of you can understand, like funny nicknames for relatives.

Talk about you crush

A brother always tells his sister first about his crush. He might ask, “what is the name of your that friend who came over today?” He always asks for advice to impress his crush.

Talk nonsense

Sometimes we can’t engage in nonsense with our friends, but brothers and sisters can sit for hours talking about any topic, even the silliest ones.

savePhoto: Knotty Days.Learn more about “Photo: Knotty Days.”
Photo: Knotty Days.

Best supporter

Brother and sisters are the best supporters for each other in all aspects. When it comes to getting in trouble with parents, sisters save their brothers from father’s anger and brothers do the same when sister come late too home and get mom angry. No matter what, brothers and sisters always have each other’s back.

Funny faces

When the family is seated for dinner and parents are giving a boring lecture on your studies, it’s your brother who makes you laugh by making funny faces.


He always call you “Moti”

No matter how slim you are, your brother always says, “Moti, how much did you eat?  Nothing is left in the refrigerator.” He likes to tease but he always means it with love.

You are lucky to have your brother. Show him you care by tying raakhi on his wrist. Promise to take care of each other always and do not forget to give him and bhabhi gifts!

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