How to be the perfect mother of the bride

Be the best Mother of the best Bride, and make her feel special, while she is going to be a part of another family!

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For most of the Mothers, the fact that their daughter is getting married and is moving away into a new family, could give rise to a storm of feelings that are at times, difficult to control. As you know, the Wedding day is probably the most special day for the Bridal couple. There are ways through which you can also make this your special day, just as special as it is to your daughter. Experts from Knotty Days give advice as to how to be the perfect Mother of the Bride on her Wedding day, and make it even more special for her and yourself.

savePhoto: Weddings by Knotty Days.
Photo: Weddings by Knotty Days.

Remember it is not your Wedding

This tip seems obvious, right? Oddly enough, there are some mothers who are not able to carry it out! Years ago, alternatives in terms of organization, decoration, clothing, and what not, were not even half of avant-garde and original, as they are now and at many times, mothers tend to recommend what they would like in the Wedding. It is very logical to give your opinion, of course because you are the mother of the Bride and you have all the rights to do so, but always respect the wishes of your daughter. At some situations, staying out of them is preferable!

Dress according to the protocol

Remember that the protagonist of this day is your daughter. You must highlight among the guests, but, not for any other reason. There are things that you really need to take care of-

Color: You know you have to run away from the target, but also of beige, white, ivory, red, and other variants. Although the naked eye can perfectly distinguish between the tone of your dress from your daughters’, it is not recommended to even have a hint of doubt about it.

Dress: You must make sure that your daughter’s Wedding dress is the most grand dress of the entire night. Do not try to match her dress, or make something that replicates or is some what similar to what she is going to wear. Do not steal the thunder of her special night by doing this, and let her do the same. You can definitely be grand, but not as grand as your daughter.


The star of this great day is definitely your daughter’s Husband, but you also have your paper. The right thing is a discreet, refined, conciliatory attitude. Be kind to all the guests present there, and enjoy one of the most special days of your life with your daughter. You must make sure that all the guests who are there to attend the Wedding of your daughter, are comfortable enough at the venue of the Wedding, and are totally enjoying themselves.

savePhoto: Weddings by Knotty Days.
Photo: Weddings by Knotty Days.

Do not compare 

It is probably not the first time you are hearing about comparisons, right? Especially, when it comes to Weddings, comparisons are something that are really common! You have obviously attended many Weddings before your daughter’s, and you would no doubt compare this with every other Wedding that you have attended. But do NOT do this. Your daughter’s Wedding is really special to you, and the other Weddings were obviously not that special.

Positive attitude

There is nobody who would say that organizing a Wedding is an easy task. Therefore, keep calm and stay sane at all times. It is likely that when the big day comes, the mixture of emotions will take over you, but it is very important not to let those emotions overpower you. If you break down emotionally, then you would make your daughter sad as well, and you would not be able to enjoy one hundred percent of her Wedding.

savePhoto: Weddings by Knotty Days.
Photo: Weddings by Knotty Days.

You need to realize that things today are really different from how they were back at the time of your Wedding. It is logical because the market potential and the world of Weddings have become one of the most important niche markets in the recent years. Although there are many professionals who can guide and assist you in almost all of the organization, the difficulty of decision also gets multiplied, since in today’s times, it is possible to create the Wedding of your dreams. Therefore, keep in mind all the tastes and preferences of your daughter, and support her in everything. There are a few reasons as to why you need to hire an expert for everything, even when you can do every thing all by yourself!

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