How to become the man of her dreams!

Women generally look for these qualities in their dream man, not just any man. Be the one, and be happy together.

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When you know that she is the one, and that you know that she would keep you the happiest, make sure she feels the same too! There are times when you know that you love her, but the feelings are not the same from the other side. For this, you do not have to change yourself, but just add a few qualities to your own self. Priyanka Arora tells you about the qualities that you need to have in you, so that you become her dream man!

savePhoto: Mahima Bhatia Photography.
Photo: Mahima Bhatia Photography.

Show her your love

Keep showing your love to her, and ensure her that you are there for her, when ever she needs you right besides her. The more love you show to her, the closer the two of you would get, which would result in a healthier relationship. A woman loves it when her man showers his love on her, who keeps saying ‘I Love You’ without any reason, and the one who is not ashamed to be next to her in public. Giving her random gifts would make her feel special, and would definitely get the two of you closer. You can also surprise her with an amazing jewellery, from the wide collection of Abaran Jewellers!

savePhoto: Abaran Jewellers.
Photo: Abaran Jewellers.

Be a gentleman

Being a gentleman never fails to attract a woman. Every woman has a wish that her partner must be a gentleman, so that she can flaunt him among the people who surround her. Every woman has that proud feeling, when she goes out with her man, when he has these qualities. A gentleman has many qualities that can make any woman fall for him, like have respect for not just his woman, but every one around, listen to every one, be mature enough to deal with things, handle situations when they go worse, and what not. A gentleman never makes his woman think twice about any decision that she makes, unless and until required. He makes her feel special every now and then, which never fails to make their bond stronger. You would want to know about a few gifts that every woman dreams of, so that you can surprise her with the same.

Listen to her

Every woman wants her man to listen to her. No, this does not mean you must listen to every thing she is asking you to do. It means listen to her when ever she needs to share some thing with you. Every woman has about a thousand stories to tell her man, no matter what it is related to. Women are the kind of people, who let out what ever is inside them, unlike men, who share only the required things. If you listen to her stories in a calm and gentle way, then you are definitely the one she is going to fall for! Here are the ways through which you can make her realize that you are a true gentleman!

Spend time with her

There are times when men get really held up with work, and do not have enough time to spend with their women. This creates distances in the relationship, that lead to bad endings. Spending time with your woman is a must. If you start spending quality time with her, then this makes it sure to her that you really love her, and that you really enjoy the time that you spend with her. This way, the two of you would eventually start spending more and more time with each other, which would make the bond of the two of you stronger, and also bring the two of you closer. You can also give her a beautiful bouquet of flowers from Fresh Knots, that would definitely make her feel special.

savePhoto: Fresh Knots.
Photo: Fresh Knots.

Take her on dates

Taking your woman on dates would obviously make the two of you spend more time with each other! Once a woman starts feeling special with a man, and when she starts loving the time that she spends with some one, this means that she is totally in love with him. If you want to be the man of er dreams, take her on dates, and keep making her feel special. You can take her to The Claridges, for one classy and an elegant date!

savePhoto: The Claridges.
Photo: The Claridges.

Once you have these qualities, there is no doubt about the fact that she will love you more than she ever did before. This would make her fall for you, and hence, you would get the love of your life. This is not just beneficial for you, but for her as well. She will get some one who would never give up on her, and do any thing to make a girl happy! These are the main qualities of a man that a woman looks for and would never leave him, instead marry him.

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