How to brighten up your wedding in the most beautiful way

We know that if you are in the process of planning your wedding you’ve seen a thousands and more ways to decorate. Lighting, with flowers, one of the most colorful and striking elements you can use, besides being one of the things that people remember. Therefore, and because they get tired of seeing beautiful and original ways to luminate outdoor weddings, we have selected these images for you to make your wedding beautiful. Take note!

Learn more about “Photo: F5 Weddings.”
Photo: F5 Weddings.

1. Wreaths

This is more in style. They are the famous garlands that create a magical atmosphere that will delight your guests. So if you’re considering The Wedding Design Company to do your decorations, we must say YES, with capital letters. They will make your wedding beautiful!

Learn more about “Photo: The Wedding Design Company.”
Photo: The Wedding Design Company.

2. Cascading Flowers

There are special places that deserve special decoration. Decorate tree trunks, branches and natural elements with cascades of flowers. Your wedding planner Ferns N Petals will make your wedding beautiful!

Learn more about “Photo: Ferns N Petals.”
Photo: Ferns N Petals.

3. Table Decor

It seemed a form of the most original and elegant illuminate and decorate to me. If there is an area where celebrate the feast like this with stones, try to put your imagination that produces a beautiful look to your ceremony. These effects will make your eyes only focus on the images.

Learn more about “Photo: Vibes Entertainment.”
Photo: Vibes Entertainment.

4. Candlesticks deluxe

You want something sophisticated and glamorous? Aim this good round with gilded chandeliers runs for long tables, lights, it does not bother the guests and gives a picture of deluxe perfect decoration for a summer wedding and make your wedding beautiful with F5 Weddings.

Learn more about “Photo: F5 Weddings.”
Photo: F5 Weddings.

5. Hanging flowers and lamps

When I saw this decoration of a wedding, I fell in love with it. What I liked most was the wonderful lamps hanging adorned with leaves ending in a circular structure with small candles. A most elaborate lighting and definitely make a difference with The Wedding Design Company.

Learn more about “Photo: The Wedding Design Company.”
Photo: The Wedding Design Company.

6. Bulb to bulb

Less is more and if you like minimalism and want to have a nice but not great lighting devices, says this idea of using bulbs to scroll through structures such as tents or greenhouses. The Wedding Design Company help in giving you more excitement to the place.

Learn more about “Photo: The Wedding Design Company.”
Photo: The Wedding Design Company.

7. Lanterns

Certainly a great way to add warmth to your wedding. Lanterns like everyone and have an exotic point, so it is one of our favorite forms of decoration.

Photo: Santana Photography
Learn more about “Photo: Sajda weddings.”
Photo: Sajda weddings.

8. Light Curtain

Yes you will love it, you can not hate it. This idea may not be suitable for everyone’s taste and their partners. But I think a bright spot that can make photo call for the most beautiful photos with a curtain playing candled with hidden bulbs.

Photo: M2 Photography.

9. Magic letters

If you want to have letters in your wedding with your names or your initials, make them look so pretty, surrounded by flowers and lights. Discover How to organize a Grand Wedding.

Foto: Jose Valdez

10. Lighting guide

It’s a great way to indicate the steps and the different areas in your wedding through light the tree trunks or roadsides with mini bulbs and candles. Do not miss How to decide seating arrangement for your Dream Day, an accessory that will illuminate your love.

Learn more about “Photo: Sajda weddings.”
Photo: Sajda weddings.
Poto: Jose Valdez.

Already You have favorite lighting? Sure some of these ideas goes perfect with the type of wedding, decoration and style you want to give your big day. Surely it is beautiful! Here we have list of Top 10 Best Wedding Planners in Delhi to help you out.

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