How to celebrate a traditional Indian Wedding

An Indian wedding is always known for its fun and grandeur atmosphere. There is reason why people seek to attend a traditional Indian wedding. They are full of life, people, enthusiasm, laughter, food and great decoration all around. The ladies with an instrument become the DJ for the event and all the gents suddenly become the wedding planners and organizers. Well, this is just a matter of some days and then, things get to their own daily track. What get imprinted in people’s mind are the memories they create. However, not all Indian weddings can be this great; it all depends on the way you make it. The best way to celebrate your wedding is following all the customs and rituals and making it a big traditional Indian wedding. Rajasthan Weddings, our expert in traditional weddings have some helpful tips for the same.

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Apart from all the pre-wedding ceremonies like Sangeet, engagement, Roka and what not, there is a long list of wedding event on the day of wedding itself starting from the night before wedding. Let’s have a look at how to celebrate your wedding traditionally in Indian style.


Mehendi is like the official and most long-lasting make-up of bride. The mehendi ceremony takes place a night before the wedding day and all the women get their hands beautifully designed in pretty design of mehendi.  It is considered as an enormous part of getting bridal get-up.

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Haldi is a ceremony which takes place in the morning time of the wedding day. In this, the bride and the groom are made to cover all of their body with turmeric paste. All the relatives come one by one and apply this paste on their face or body. This is done to bring the glow and beauty in both the partners as they have to look their best in the evening.

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Getting ready

This is the most important part, trust me. No wedding or rather, no event can ever get started if people are not ready and done with getting their unique dresses on for the evening. So, this asked to be included in the list! Both, the bride and the groom wear their wedding outfits and get ready to make their appearance to be the best.

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Baraat is like a small rally consisting of people who are filled with joy and happiness. Baraat happens at the night time when the groom sits on the horse and all the other relatives from his family joins him by walking towards the destination of wedding. It is usually kept in a small distance. People in the baraat are so much excited about their family member’s wedding that they dance along the shaking music of the band and then enter into the venue all together. There, the member of the bride’s family are already present to welcome all of their guests and then both the families meet and further events take place.

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Jay mala

Here, the bride and the groom stand on the stage created for them and they both then exchange the flower made garlands. This is followed by all the photo sessions of the married couple along with all the relatives to capture those moments forever.

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Mangal phere

This is a ritual in which only selected important members of the families are present. It is because it happens in the mid-night, after everybody has had their dinner and all the guests have left. The bride and groom are tied together with a knot in the present of a fire as a witness. They then take their saat pherey which means they have to take seven rounds around the fire. After that, they exchange their wedding rings and the bride and groom then are officially announced as husband and wife.

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After this, everybody now has to move to their respective places except for the bride. She now has to go to her new home, with new family. But this is not it; it doesn’t get finished so easily. There are many small and big ceremonies held at the groom’s home and are followed for the next few days.

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