How to celebrate the first new year after your wedding

New Year is like a book full of fresh pages and it's you who has to fill these pages with beautiful memories.

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After wedding life is very exciting when it is fresh. It’s like, everything new is happening with you, all the festivals that you have been celebrating since your childhood doesn’t seem the same to you and instead, they make you more excited. The reason is, you get to celebrate all those old occasions with new people, with new family, with a partner and of course, with new rituals. You do not think of celebrating them in the way you used to do it with your family but now, you make new and different plans with your partner, one more reason why they excite you even more. So now, New Year’s Eve is just on your door steps and you will want to make it special and rememberable by celebrating your first new year’s eve with your partner. But don’t worry about it, here are few ways to celebrate your first new year’s eve with your partner and make it more exciting. All you have to do is get these beautiful moments get captured by Neytra Photography.

savePhoto: Neytra Photography
Photo: Neytra Photography


Say it a honeymoon or a holiday, anything for that matter! You can go out for a holiday in some cold place where it snows and make your New Year Eve more romantic. It will even give you a chance to escape away from the homely stress and give you good memories. Not only New Year’s Eve, you will have a good week around and it will be really romantic also. You can go for a rooftop dinner or something in wherever place you are planning to go. Plan a perfect holiday with Kingston Travels.

savePhoto: Neytra Photography
Photo: Neytra Photography

At home

If you are the type of person who doesn’t prefer to go out in the crowded place than you can simply stay back home and plan for a ‘quit night dinner’. Make some extremely delicious food and set up a romantic sitting. It can be on your roof, maybe in your garden or you can go for the dining table itself. Get some fancy candles and put on some light music that you and your partner like. Take a bottle of Champaign and some wine and get dressed up in the best of your outfits. Well, that’s it, you are all ready for a perfect New Year’s Eve with your partner and it will be way more romantic. Also read about Divyanka Tripathi and Vivek Dahiya: The wedding of the year!

savePhoto: Neytra Photography
Photo: Neytra Photography

Some dancing

Well, if you two are the ‘dancing together’ kind of a couple than here is your perfect idea for New Year’s Eve celebration. Put on your dancing shoes and get the best of salsa music or whatever music taste you have and go for some really fun and peaceful way of celebrating your New Year with your partner. Some changes are inevitable and so are these 5 Things that changes in your relationship after having a baby

savePhoto: Neytra Photography
Photo: Neytra Photography

Moonlight romance

Moonlight is always romantic no matter if it’s New Year or not. You can go for a quite walk or to some beach where you can celebrate your perfect New Year with your partner in the presence of the shower of some moonlight. There you can go for boating, or you can just roam around and talk about things. This will also give you a chance to know your partner even better. You can also get moonlight in an exotic rooftop dining setup at Hotel Shree Vilas Orchid.

savePhoto: Hotel Shree Vilas Orchid
Photo: Hotel Shree Vilas Orchid


Maybe you folks are dating back since some years or months before getting married to each other. In such case, you will always have some memories about how did you celebrate your first New Year Eve together as a couple! This is a perfect time for some nostalgic talks. You go back to those days and relive your old-stupid times when you were just couple who were deeply in love with each other and do some crazy stuff together. Clubbing together will also be a good idea to relive those memories. Enjoy reading about how you can Live Happily Ever After in your Relationship!

savePhoto: Neytra Photography
Photo: Neytra Photography

House party

 When a girl gets married, she goes to a new house, a new locality which she knows nothing about and also its people. This will be great time to make friends with the nearby residents and have a formal, informal interaction with each other. Call all the couple of your age-group who live nearby and plan a great house party with them. Take out some fun games and order for some mouth-watering and delicious food from Love and Cheesecake.

savePhoto: Neytra Photography
Photo: Neytra Photography

Well, with this we wish you a very happy married life ahead and of course, a Happy New Year with a hope that you have a blasting and memorable eve with your partner. Also have a look at How to make your first Diwali special after your wedding

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