How to choose a stunning traditional dress if you are the Bride's best friend

Get the iconic dress on your friend's Wedding, and make sure that everyone goes crazy looking at your stunning outfit!

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You must be very excited, as your best friend’s Wedding comes closer and closer day by day. Its really something worth waiting for, because you know how hard both the families are working, to make it the best day for the Bridal couple. But this does not leave you any where behind. You being the Bride’s best friend, deserves to look the best among all the other guests, don’t you? Darshan Sethi would tell you about how you can choose a stunning traditional dress for this very special occasion!

savePhoto: Darshan Sethi Photography.
Photo: Darshan Sethi Photography.

Select the design

Before you go shopping for the outfit that you would be wearing on the Wedding, it is better to select the design prior to that. Once you go out to select an outfit without doing the necessary preparation, you are bound to get clueless about what you really want. This would cause a great blunder, especially at the last moment. The best option would be to browse through the internet before you actually go and select one of the most rocking outfits. This would give you a better idea about what would look good on you! You can check out Asopalav’s fabulous designs and believe me you would get exactly what you want.

savePhoto: Asopalav.
Photo: Asopalav.

Find the right fit

Get the outfit that fits you perfectly well. If you get something that is either loose or tight, then a problem without a solution will be created for you on the day when you should appear in most stunning looks. You need to make sure that the outfit, you choose for yourself for that special day, must be comfortable and just made for you. If you are not comfortable in it, then it is recommended that you do not select that at all. Select something that you are comfortable in, and the one in which you can wear all the time long! By this remarkable gesture you would make your friend feel that you are a perfect friend, as you’ll be by your friend’s side all the day during the ceremonyThis would definitely make her feel loved and pampered!

Get the perfect shade

The color of the outfit should embellish your texture and tone. The suggestion is that the outfit should adorn your beauty when it is worn. Getting a shade that does not go with your skin tone at all would definitely look very awkward. You can wear a dark shade if your skin tone is light, but you can not do the same if your skin tone is a bit on the darker side. It would just make you look very weird. Plus, you need to select the shade of your outfit as per the timing of the Wedding. If it is an afternoon or evening Wedding, then you can prefer wearing lighter pastel shades, giving a royal look. But if the Wedding is at night, then you can wear a dark shade or may the vibrant bright ones. With the shade of the outfit, you need to take care of your makeup as well. It must be perfect and up to the mark, giving you a glamorous look. You can contact Bianca Louzado for an amazing makeup experience!

savePhoto: Bianca Louzado.
Photo: Bianca Louzado.

Go by the theme, if any

Ask the going to be Bride if there is any theme for the Wedding. If there is, then it is best to select an outfit according to that! There are various themes that one can come up with, and there are crazy outfits that fit in the very same category. All you need to do is, get to know about the theme, and select an outfit accordingly. This would make you look just amazing, and every one present there would also appreciate you a lot. Here are the possible themes that might become your best friend’s Wedding themes.

Select the best jewellery complimenting the outfit

After you are done selecting the outfit and makeup, it is now time to think about the jewellery that you would be wearing. Jewellery is a woman’s only resort, that adds a lot of elegance just in one look. It is very classy and exotic in nature. It can make any one look very stylish. Selecting jewellery as per your outfit involves a lot of hard work, but at the same time, it is a treat for the eyes as well. You get to see such amazing jewellery designs, which you would not see otherwise. In fact, you get to wear the ones that you like to. Sounds great, doesn’t it? You can try out Dilan Jewels for an amazing collection, that would go well with any outfit that you choose!

savePhoto: Dilan Jewels.
Photo: Dilan Jewels.

Being at the best of appearance in the attire on your one and only friend’s Wedding is something you would have waited for a long time. This waiting is worth the wait when you are at your most stunning attitudes. Indeed it is a very happy occasion and emotional too. Know about how you can be a show stopper at your best friend’s Wedding. This way, you would be in the limelight, and would be appreciated by everyone!

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