How to choose a teddy for your better half on teddy day

So make this teddy day special by choosing the right teddy for her and as they say, once a bear has been loved by a human being, its expression is forever marked.

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Teddy Day is the fourth day of the Valentine’s week which is being celebrated very enthusiastically on annual basis on 10th of February by the couples. After charming your loved one with some sweetness, send a symbol of cuteness to them. A cute and adorable teddy bear brings out the child that is hidden in everyone. Gift a teddy bear to your partner and see her smiling like a child. Gifts by Meeta says “Teddies are mostly liked too much by the women, girls and children so wishing the loved ones by giving teddy bears is very good idea. Teddies are the toys contributing to the bedroom decorations forever as well as good memories. Teddies are the soft toys looking very attractive and cute, can attract anyone’s mood to be happy”. For those who are getting married soon there is a big event that is going to happen soon in India. Indian Wedding Show where you are gonna see the finest of Indian wedding industry and you can have a great idea to organise your wedding.

savePhoto: The Photo Diary.
Photo: The Photo Diary.


It would be a big plus point if you choose the right teddy bear colour for her. Find out casually from her or her friends her favourite colour. Chances are that you don’t want to get her a white bear if her favourites are dark colours. The color matters so much because they show how much you know your partner and that will make them think that you got them the teddy of their favourite color. The joy will be double! How to make things better in a relationship to strengthen it more.

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Photo: The Photo Diary.


Women are sensitive! Keep that in mind when choosing the size of the teddy. If she has been really concerned about her weight recently, you ought to avoid buying her an overweight teddy that’ll remind her of it. If she’s rather short, a smaller teddy would be much more suitable. Be smart and think of all possibilities before gifting a teddy, you want her to be happy rather than feel bad. The bottom line is, be tactful!   How to make your chocolate day sweetest with your partner.

savePhoto: Gifts by Meeta.
Photo: Gifts by Meeta.

Teddy that reflects your relationship 

Teddy bears can be really personal gifts, so do present them in the most special manner. If your partner fancies skating, a skating theme would definitely melt her heart much more than a sailor teddy. If your partner fancies indoor activities, a sporting teddy would be a bad idea, instead, seek out her interest and give her what she already fancies, it’ll bring you much further. It’s important to look good and pretty on this day, so makeup is also important and Tejaswini is a professional, freelancer & certified makeup artist in Pune.

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Photo: The Photo Diary.


Present with style

When it comes to impressing your woman, every little thought counts, it’ll be much more well appreciated. If you prefer a simple presentation, wrap your teddy and consult the shop for ideas if you decide not to do it yourself, more than often, the shopkeeper/salesperson will offer good advice on wrapping from their experience. If you are willing to put in that extra mile, you can complement your teddy bear and present them more interestingly. One of the most famous presentation would be to get your teddy holding the flowers before they reach your girl. Ultimately, expand your creativity based on what you know about her and do it your way. Khasmir Flower House have the best flowers for you and all you have to do is select your one.

savePhoto: The Photo Diary.
Photo: The Photo Diary.

A Teddy Date

Now once you have crossed the stage where you had to think about buying a teddy, it’s time to think about how to celebrate or enjoy the day with her. Now you may think what else we can do on a teddy day? Wear a teddy themed t-shirt on this teddy day before going on a date with your beloved. Both wearing a teddy t-shirt will strengthen the bond and love. Make a style statement this teddy day. Spending time together is more important than a teddy for sure. 30 reasons why you fall in love.

savePhoto: The Photo Diary.
Photo: The Photo Diary.

Teddy Fight

This is a fun segment as being romantic and serious all the time doesn’t work out. You can try this absolutely amazing activity with your beloved. Make a castle and crown your teddy the king or queen and protect them from each other while having a pillow fight. Record the fight with a cam recorder and play it later on– you will cherish the moment for a long time. How to be happy couple.

savePhoto: The Photo Diary.
Photo: The Photo Diary.

A good piece of advice to all the men out there. Women are way more sensitive than what we think they are. By putting that extra thought into your gift, you will definitely make that one small gift much more precious in her heart. Good luck in choosing the right teddy! You can also have a fun and romantic photoshoot to make the even more memorable with The Photo Diary

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