How to choose a traditional dress if you are the Bride's sister

Being the Bride's sister, you have many responsibilities on you, for which you need to look beautiful. Here is how you can do that!

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If your sister’s Wedding is round the corner, there must have been planning going on regarding any thing and every thing. For you, it must be a very emotional, yet a happy day. Emotional because your sister is going away from you, and happy because she is going to start a happy married life! In this moment of mixed emotions, wouldn’t you want to look as beautiful as ever? A perfect traditional outfit is just what you need. This would make you look like a Princess on her Wedding. But with the traditional outfit, there are other things that you must do! Sakshi Malik is here to give you tips about how to dress up traditionally for your Sister’s Wedding. This would make you feel so good about yourself.

savePhoto: Knotty Days.
Photo: Knotty Days.

Stylish outfits

Being the Sister of the Bride, you need to dress up the best, not better than your Sister of course. After looking at your Sister’s stunning outfit, they would definitely want to see what you are wearing. So, why not surprise them with something just too wonderful? Every Sister waits for her Sister to get married, so that they can dress up the best. Well, here is your chance to be the best and steal the show, without stealing your Sister’s thunder. You can check out the Anita Dongre collection, that would blow away your mind!

savePhoto: Anita Dongre.
Photo: Anita Dongre.

Matching color code

You can go with the idea of color coordinating with your sister when it comes to the Wedding outfits. You can either wear the same colors, or you can wear outfits in the contrast. This would look amazing, and your photos would turn out to be great as well. You can surprise every one with your magical look, and every one would go ga-ga over your outfits. Here are a few things you must do with your Sister, before she gets married.

Twirky accessories

Wearing casual accessories is too mainstream for such a big function. Come on, it is your Sister’s marriage. You can not be all casual, can you? This is exactly the reason why it is recommended that you wear twirky accessories with your outfit, so that there is some thing different that you do, as compared to the other cousins and friends. Being a Bride’s Sister has that pressure on you to be and do some thing out of the way. So, you can try out Rakesh Khanna’s jewellery, that would look just great on you. The best thing is, that there is a massive collection to choose from!

savePhoto: Rakesh Khanna.
Photo: Rakesh Khanna.

Amazing make-up

Just like your outfit and jewellery, your make-up must be amazing too! The other things would not look great, if your make-up is not good. It has to be on-point, no matter what. Colorbar has some great products to offer, so that you always look your best! This way, people would appreciate not just your choice of outfit and accessories, but the choice of your make-up as well. This would definitely make you even more happy!

savePhoto: Knotty Days.
Photo: Knotty Days.

Matching footwear

You being the Bride’s sister, have many advantages. You have more opportunities to look the prettiest, than any one else present at the Wedding, except your sister. With the matching color outfits, to every other thing, you can have matching foot-wear as well. This way, just like always, you would not fight over it ever in life. People would appreciate you for the choice of footwear that you would have, as that would be some thing extremely special. Having a tough choice for selecting the best foot-wear? Well, here is the solution to it.

Carry a matching clutch to look graceful

How can you forget an amazing clutch? Arancia would help you decide one, that would perfectly go with your outfit, on your Sister’s special day! Once you carry a clutch with the amazing outfit that you would be wearing, you would get that inner feeling of grace and elegance. When you yourself would have such a feeling, then the people near you would definitely have that as well.

savePhoto: Arancia.
Photo: Arancia.

These tips would help you look just as amazing as a Princess on your sister’s Wedding, and would help you get amazing pictures on her Wedding day, as a great memory for you, as well as your sister! Know about what every girl goes through when her Sister gets married. It is definitely a moment of happiness, but some obvious reasons make it emotional too!

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