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How to choose a western dress for your pre-wedding photo shoot

Pre-wedding shoots are as important as your post-wedding era.

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Wedding is like a milestone in your journey, your journey of life. It’s a stop where you a get a traveller along with you who accompany you in the rest of your journey. Before this big thing called ‘wedding’ is a pre-wedding era. This is also equally beautiful in its own ways. You pre-wedding era can be comprised of a partner whom you love, all alone or anything. Nowadays, there is this crazy yet amazing trend of having a pre-wedding shoot where it’s just you and your partner and you go to some pretty places or decide on a particular venue or studio to have some photographs clicked. These photographs shows the irreplaceable chemistry of you and your partner and depicts how crazy you both can be when you are with each other, it reflects the love and care you have as it have some natural as well as made-up poses. Nobody else is better than Hitesh Shivnani Photography for this.

savePhoto: Hitesh Shivnani Photography
Photo: Hitesh Shivnani Photography

To have a pre-wed shoot is a must these days and one of the most important parts of which is, the outfit you are going to wear. The outfit you and your partner are going to wear plays a big role in how beautiful your shoot is going to be. There are many factors which you should consider before deciding your western outfit for pre-wed shoot.

A summer shoot

When it’s summer, it’s all about vibrant colors and of course short dresses. You can go for a dress which has cool, summary shade of colors. It all basically depends upon the venue. In summers, people usually go for open area where there is a lot of free space to interact with nature and play with new poses. You can also go for a LBD which is, ‘little black dress’ which is evergreen, quite ironically! There is always a room to match up with your partner. Like, you two can co-ordinate with the colors of your outfits and if you don’t like then, you can also get nicely accessorized. The best thing about not wearing heavy dresses is that, you can carry some or the other accessories with you. Some flowers from Kashmir Flowers House would also act as good accessories.

savePhoto: Kashmir Flowers House
Photo: Kashmir Flowers House

A wintery shoot

To shoot in winters in quite a tough task at time because then, you cannot explore many open field areas and there are limited options to wear from. Well, that all depends upon the call of the nature. What you can do is, get a gown for yourself. It will prevent you from cold and will never fail at giving you a classy look. Also, if you can try, you can go for some midi skirts too. They are back in the fashion and will personify your younger beauty. Don’t forget to get the best make-up from Vidya Tikari

savePhoto: Vidya Tikari
Photo: Vidya Tikari

Shoot in rain

Believe it or not but rainy season is the best for the pre-wed shoot. Reason is that, it will let your chemistry and love come out and will give you an opportunity to get a hot photo shoot done. Here, the Bollywood’s logic of wearing saree can really act as a catalyst. Wear a saree with sexy blouse with any color of your choice. Just make sure that it’s not loud and heavy. Heavy outfit will make you really uncomfortable in the rain and will also be a barrier in a good photograph. Don’t carry any accessory. Also, you can ask your partner to carry an umbrella for you, it will look really cute. Get a pretty designer Saree from Vasansi

savePhoto: Vasansi
Photo: Vasansi

Nothing but party

Forget seasons; let’s talk about something a girl always loves to wear. If you are going for a party dress, you and your partner can look classy and adorable both at same time. Just pick a dress which is outlining your figure and get a great pair of heels. It will make you look magnificent and you will compliment your partner looking absolutely stunning. If you think you will be uncomfortable with a tight dress. Go for a cute shift dress or a mini-skirt. Match it up with a pair of boots or sandals. You can funk-up your shoot by adding party props to it. It will also compliment your outfit. Jimmy Choo Dlf Emporio Mall will be a good place to find the best shoes for yourself.

savePhoto: Jimmy Choo
Photo: Jimmy Choo

And do not forget to bring on the chemistry and love between you and your partner. That is the most important thing any couple can carry to look best.

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