How to choose a unique Indian invitation card for your upcoming wedding 2017

Your wedding invitation is your guests' first peek into your wedding day, so you want to make it shine. Think different and make it unique and impressive as much as you can.

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Invitations are for the people we care and want to be part of our celebration. “What do you do when you have to pick out an invitation card or select one from the lot for your wedding? You visit a stationery and browse through shelves filled with colorful invitations. And then, you shortlist designs and successfully pick one. Couples want their invites to be unique and interesting. This is where ‘creative invitations’ come into the play. These are created just for the couples to shout out their story through ingenious designs” Perfect Invites.

savePhoto: Perfect Invites.
Photo: Perfect Invites.


Keep an open mind about invitations, especially if you have no pre-decided theme. Sometimes, viewing product samples is the difference between liking an invitation and ordering one. Our best advice when it comes to planning a wedding is to stick with a color theme, rather than stick to a design theme. Shuttered design themes can eliminate choices before you’ve even considered them. Get your wedding makeup done by Monz Beauty Parlour.

savePhoto: Perfect Invites.
Photo: Perfect Invites.
savePhoto: Monz Beauty Parlour.
Photo: Monz Beauty Parlour.


Beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder. Bold-colored ribbons or colored gem embellishments have negative effects on wedding invitations. Most of the Indian wedding cards are traditional with religious logos, quotes, and designs, but there are plenty of modern designs available too. It’s up to you to decide whether you want the card design to be traditional, religious or modern. Get your wedding dress from Vasansi.

savePhoto: Perfect Invites.
Photo: Perfect Invites.
savePhoto: Vasansi.
Photo: Vasansi.


Indian wedding cards generally have very bright colors highlighting the feel of the celebration. The major colors in the cards are red, orange, green with a touch of glitter all over, symbolizing energy and love. The modern ones have slight tones of pastel colors. The color and design of the envelope should match the invitation card. Just keep readability in mind when choosing your colors. Floral Art can be your florists on your wedding.

savePhoto: Perfect Invites.
Photo: Perfect Invites.
savePhoto: Floral Art.
Photo: Floral Art.


If you are so overwhelmed when it comes to all the details for your wedding invitations your stationer will have your back. When you hire a custom stationery designer for your invitations, there are going to be many of details that your designer will help you with, and they will make sure that everything is perfect for your invitations. Having a stationer handle your invitations for you will take the stress out of the process, and they will make sure that your invitations are completed and delivered to your guests right on time. Top 10 Wedding Invitation Card Designers in Delhi.

savePhoto: Perfect Invites.
Photo: Perfect Invites.


An extremely important part of the customized invitation design process is that you and your stationer’s personalities blend well, that they are able to communicate and understand your vision clearly. It’s very crucial that you understand the designer’s process. It is best to contact for your custom stationery needs at least half a year in advance to avoid any errors.Some designers may need more or less time than this, but it is best to reach out as soon as possible when you are interested in a certain designer for your invitations. Top 5 wedding invitation card designers shops in Bangalore .

savePhoto: Perfect Invites.
Photo: Perfect Invites.

Your wedding invitation card stands out for being a reflection of your personality and the type of event you are organising. It should help your guests visualize the moments in their minds for days after the event gets over. With so many options available, it won’t be difficult to do that! Top 8 Wedding Invitation Card Designers in Mumbai .

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