How to choose right theme for the wedding

A wedding is the most special day of the life and everyone wants to make their big day special. There are lots of ideas and themes regarding the wedding day because it is the day full of customs and traditions.

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Why theme your wedding? A theme or some sort of coherent concepts will tie together the personal elements of your wedding and create a mood to your loved ones that illustrate you and your partner. Most likely, your venue is going to be a reflection of elements you and your mate. The location is very important for any wedding, and for location, a planner is necessary to arrange things nicely. You can go for Memorabilis which will help you in planning what theme is best for you. Do the research and find out the best place for your wedding. While doing the research make sure that you know what type of location you’ll be needed. Travel and find out what would be best for your wedding. See for outdoor fun and gather your friends to help you out in that.

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Look within


The best advice would be to sit down and write down words and key aspects that define you as a couple. Things like travel, pics, exploring (or ‘sploring’ as we call it) and crazy emojis come to mind. These sorts of touches will be interwoven into our overarching style, like silhouettes of states we’ve vacationed to as our table numbers, to convey our story. Make a list of places you want to go. Go through the internet once and find the best places for a wedding. Also, keep in mind of what weather out there is.

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Magazines, art galleries and friends’ weddings are all great sources of inspiration. While you wouldn’t want to choose a colour combo just because it’s on trend, looking towards art and design may help you see colours you already love in a new way. While doing the research find out what things you’ll be needing. This will help you out from deciding themes. Search for the dress too because of it an essential part of the theme. You can go for Palav Fabrics she will add glitter to your wedding by her designs.

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Look to What You Love

The colours that inspire your home decor are ones you know you can live with for a long time (and it’s an extra perk that leftover items like Moroccan lanterns will get used after your wedding day. See to your likings first after all it’s your day. Make sure you find the best theme of all. Ask your photographer to click pictures every time. You can go for CoolBluez PhotographyHe will add beautiful memories in your album.

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Don’t Overthink It

It’s easy to get caught up in the idea that you have to have a strict wedding colour palette. If you’re early in the planning process, you’ll probably get asked, “What are your colours?” a lot of friends and family, and that can put pressure on you to pick the “right” hues. But colour doesn’t have to play the major role that it’s sometimes made out to be. While your palette will inform a lot of your wedding decisions, like your flowers and your bridesmaid dresses, you should use it as a guideline instead of a rule. Not every part of your wedding has to match perfectly, so don’t stress on having every detail color-coded just right. Instead, think of your wedding planning in terms of style, formality, texture and mood, in addition to colour. Don’t forget the venue Shanti Morada could be the perfect venue for your theme.

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Work together

First things first: location. Have a colour palette in mind as you start your venue search. Think about what colours you’d like to use, and whether you’d want to prioritise finding the perfect venue or having your perfect colour palette. If you find a venue that you love, but it doesn’t work with your colours, you’ll want to switch up a hue or two so you don’t bust your budget on trying to cover up or distract from the fact that it doesn’t match. Venues like converted warehouses, lofts and tents are all blank slates, meaning you can really add as much or as little as you want to carry out your vision for colour and style.

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Make note of your day to day beauty dilemmas, such as mascara on your bottom lashes tends to give you dark circles or lip liner makes your lips dry, and share these concerns with your makeup artist. And don’t be afraid to try something new as long as you test-drive the look before the wedding. You may find colours or combinations you are afraid of actually look great on you.

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