How to choose the perfect DJ for your wedding

Your wedding planning is totally incomplete if you don't have a good DJ in your list. Have a look at all the points of considerations for your DJ.

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As your wedding day approaches, you become more and more concerned about all the small and big arrangements and details. You would work day and night on the things to make them work together so perfectly that your wedding day would become the best day of your life, justifying its reason to be your ‘big day’.

savePhoto: Wedding by Knotty Days
Photo: Wedding by Knotty Days

The very first thing you look after is your arrangements, florist, make-up artist, caterers, decorators, planners and what not. But, your events will be absolutely incompletely without a rocking DJ to light up the vibes and bring in some action. Selection of an appropriate DJ can really become a headache sometimes and the other remaining times, you can make it easier for yourself by just taking care of the following points told by DJ Swing, our expert:

Search for it

Start your ‘DJ hunt’ early in the planning. It will let you have a good time exploring for a good DJ matching up to all of your expectations. You will get to see a handful of them and then, you will not have to select any one of them randomly because of the lack of time in the end moments.


Consider the considerations by other people too. If you get to know about a good DJ from anyone or if you are recommended with a good DJ by anyone, don’t hesitate to take a trail of it. It will make your work easier and also, it will ensure that the DJ you are going to see is a popular one as, of course it is being told about by other people.

savePhoto: Wedding by Knotty Days
Photo: Wedding by Knotty Days

Working habits

Don’t hire a DJ who works alone. It may be a good one but done forget your purpose. For your wedding, you would need a group of artists to tackle the music; one would not be enough for that matter. Moreover, one person will not be able to manage everything well in time, which is very important. Make sure that the DJ you have chosen is well with time management, look its previous work record before finalizing it.

Go for PRO

A professional is always better than a newbie or someone who is just passionate but not knowledgeable enough to work at it. Avoid going for a fresher, go for someone who has a good experience with his or her work and is acing at it. Well, that is all that you need, nothing more and nothing less.

savePhoto: Wedding by Knotty Days
Photo: Wedding by Knotty Days


Before choosing a final candidate, make it a sure point that you have met all of them in personal. This will let you know more about them, their work, their knowledge, their music taste and of course, if they are going to be fit with your family requirements or not. The personality of a person speaks a lot about himself, actually almost everything. So, meeting your DJ group in personal will give you a confirmation about who they are, not only as a professional but also as a person. See if they are not short-tempered because, a DJ party means a lot of people, some of them intolerable for the DJ, so they should know to tackle a situation.

Clear contract

After you are done with your selection process, make a clear contract with your DJ, like you do with everyone. Mention it clearly that they are responsible for all the delays caused by them, details about the timings, dates, logistics, setting up the whole set, stage, lights and music system. Do make sure that they are authorized and carry a license with them. Sometimes it happens that in some areas, playing loud music after certain time slot is not permitted so, in that case there should be no hassle. Make all of your queries and detailing done in the early notice only.

Music selection

When you meet your DJ, make a list of all the songs that you would require for the sangeet ceremony. So that later on, there is no issue of not having the song by the DJ in any cases.

savePhoto: Wedding by Knotty Days
Photo: Wedding by Knotty Days

Tell your DJ that it is them who are going to bring in the energy and enthusiasm in the crowd, so to be equally prepared for it. Read How to have a happy wedding for a better and effective wedding planning.

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