How to choose wedding summer lehenga

Marriage special occasion for every girl because on this occasion everything special. Every girl wants to different look on her marriage occasion. Everything should be special for a bride like- dress, jewelry, foot wears, makeup etc. The bride takes more time for selection of wedding lehenga. You can not ignore season of marriage because you can face some problem, so select wedding lehengas with some precautions. Through some tips, you can choose perfect wedding lehenga for your marriage. The photographer you can choose Plush Affairs the click beautiful pictures.

Photo: Plush Photography.
Photo: Plush Photography.


Different types of design of wedding lehengas present in the market. You should know that what type of design suit you perfectly. In summer season choose half sleeves blouse with the design. You should choose a blouse with collar. You should choose wedding lehengas with stone work. Fish cut lehengas is popular in present time. You should select it. If your lehenga is heavy in work you should keep blouse simple and light work. Suhana jewels can make you look different from the rest with their stunning jewelry because you need to look best from the rest.

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Most of the old-style brides go for the same old red Lehengas. But if red doesn’t suit you, then no need to go for it. There are certain colors which are meant to suit a particular complexion. Choose your D-Day costume according to your skin tone. Buy the color which suits your skin tone the best. If a particular color is trending, that doesn’t mean you’re obligated to buy that color only. You can break and bend the rules according to your choice. Your makeup and skin have to look picture perfect” Dimple S Bathija. If you are a bride to help, you are at the right place!

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The fabric of wedding lehengas should be select with precautions. If your marriage is in winter season then you should choose velvet fabric. It is popular because of its look perfect and it saves from cold in winter season. Fabric lehengas are expensive. It has a special quality that works of stone, mirror work on this fabric highlighted and give perfect look. If you want to get a slim look then you should choose those fabric that not stick with the body. Chiffon, craps, garret. These fabrics give slim look in wedding lehenga. In summer season you can choose the light fabric.

Photo: Sionnah.

Fits you perfect 

Fitting is important in every dress. Without fitting you can not get the perfect look. On marriage, every person focuses on the bride and his dress, So fitting is compulsory. The length of wedding lehengas should according to your height. Fitting of the blouse and their sleeves should be proper. Blouse should not loose because it gives bed look. If fitting of lehenga will not perfect then you not feel comfortable. You will feel uncomfortable during walking. We all want to look our best in our wedding and  Sionnah can help you with your wedding dress.

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The balance of overall look is important. In present time a fashion is popular that if lehenga is heavy then blouse light in work. In every dress create one emphasis that makes dress special. If the work on wedding lehenga is heavy then blouse will make with light work and if blouse made with heavy work then lehenga should be made with light works.

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Skin tone

Your undertone will be an important factor in deciding which color you’re going to wear. There are mainly two skin undertones: cool undertones and warm undertones. If you’re not sure, don’t worry. Just grab a piece of white cloth. Place it near your face. If your skin seems brighter than the white cloth, then you have a cool undertone. Otherwise, you have warm skin tone. If the veins on your wrist are bluish in color, then you have cool undertones otherwise, you have a warm undertone.

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A girl dreams of becoming a bride since her childhood. And, when this day finally arrives, she leaves no stone unturned to achieve her desired look. When it comes to makeup, even a small mistake can ruin your wedding day look. An experienced and creative makeup artist will make you look glamorous as well as natural at the same time.

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