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How-To: Choose Your Bridesmaids Outfits For Your Wedding

With such a strong squad of your nearest and dearest females, you'll want to ensure they look the part, so we've made a list of everything you need to think about when planning your bridesmaid's outfits.

How-To: Choose Your Bridesmaids Outfits For Your Wedding
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When you’re planning your wedding there’s more to think about than just the venue, food and bridal outfits. Perhaps one of the most special parts for the bride is choosing her all-important bridesmaids, her closest female friends and family that will be there for her every step of the way.


However, with such a strong squad of your nearest and dearest, you’ll want to ensure they look the part, so we’ve made a list of everything you need to think about when planning your bridesmaid’s outfits. 

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Whether the bridesmaid’s duty involves carrying an emergency kit with safety pins and make-up remover wipes, to play hostess to all the many guests, or to just stand their and look beautiful in photos, these 4 factors must be considered when choosing their outfits!

1. Colour Scheme

The vibrancy of Indian weddings is second to none, traditional weddings sport deep reds and royal maharaja colours, while more modern affairs are starting to include chic pastel and gold palettes, or bright tropical colours in destination weddings. So, it is highly important that you have chosen your wedding decor colour scheme, and your own outfit first, before you co-ordinate your bridesmaids to match.

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2. Flowers

Another highly important factor is of course the flowers. Your bridesmaid’s will hold beautiful flowers that tie in the colours on their dresses with the colours on yours. So, either have them matching, or make a statement with flowers that positively contrast with the tones of their outfits, in order to make them pop.

Again, this comes down to your preferred colour scheme for the wedding as a whole. If you have opted for nudes, golds and silvers, then white flowers look stunning. Alternatively, tropical orange flowers look great against bright blue bridesmaid dresses.

3. Traditions

Indian weddings are known worldwide for being rooted in tradition. Whether a wedding is for 600 guests, or a more intimate celebration for 60, they all follow age-old rituals and ceremonies. Depending on your religion, you will consider a traditional lehenga, dupatta or sari, or modernise your look with a white gown. You’ll need to decide all of this first in order to co-ordinate your bridesmaids!

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4. Weather

The climate and weather conditions of your wedding day is always something to consider when dressing your bridesmaids. A December wedding, for example, will be cooler, and so you can indulge in rich, thicker fabrics like satin or velvet. Summery weddings require lighter, flowy materials and brighter colours. With such important duties, you’ll want your bridesmaid’s to be comfortable at all times!

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Whatever your bridesmaids end up wearing, they are just there for one thing: to support you on the next chapter of your love story. So show your gratitude by having them look perfectly co-ordinated to your wedding style, and you’ll want to frame every single photo!

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