How to choose your sangeet outfit - razzle and dazzle the night away

As girls, we love to dress to impress. With your big day around the corner, why not spice things up at your Sangeet ceremony? – A great Indian wedding tradition, perfect for a girls night of fun, laughter and memories. With only a couple of days left till the wedding day, emotions are running high, this is both a joyful and emotional ceremony; on the one hand  all friends and family members are celebrating their young daughter getting married, yet on the other hand it is preparation for the girl to leave her family to enter a new one. However, fellow family members this is a time to embrace all moments, remember it is a special time for the bride-to-be so be sure to make it eventful, and dress up in your stunning Sangeet outfit! To ensure you stun in your sangeet outfit we have a couple of tips from Natasha Dalal to help you select the right outfit for you.

Designer: Natasha Dalal.

Comfort matters

Comfort is the key when considering outfit choices for any occasion, more so the Sangeet because here ladies is where you party all night long, singing and dancing to commemorate the festivities for the upcoming days. Often, Relatives and friends of the Bride and Groom choreograph dances or performances to perform for the couple adding to the jubilant ambience – the last thing you want is for your outfit to fall apart, or irritate you all night. Often during the singing you are sitting down or even to watch the performances, you are sitting down for long periods of time, so be sure to wear something perhaps loose or flowy. ensure it is not too heavy or fitted, this can be uncomfortable when dancing and could even spoil your performance! Finally, ensure that of course you try on your outfit at some point before the Sangeet ceremony, this way you can make any adjustments beforehand if need be.

Designer: Natasha Dalal.

Style of outfit 

The style of the outfit also matters, – saree or not to saree? there are so many outfit styles to chose from: saree, lengha, dress, sharahrah just to name a few. So, you are definitely not stuck for choice! when chosing your outfit style of curse chose the style hat speaks to you however also consider comfort and the event. in the case of the sangeet, as mentioned above, you wil be dancng till dawn so choose something you can dance in. A saree for example may not be the best idea with all them pins holding it up and pleats perfectly aligned in place. perhaps opt for a dress, something simple, that hangs off your body in an effortless yet elegant way. alternatively you can go for an indo-western gown, a minimal work lehenga – not a heavy one because that should be saved for your wedding day,  an Anarkali or the palazzo suits.

Designer: Natasha Dalal.

Color coordination is key

Often for Sangeet ceremonies there is a colour scheme so of course take that into account when choosing your outfit – coordination is also key! for such a loud joyous occasional, you want an outfit that compleiments it perfectly, to do this we would advise you to really experiment with the colours. opt for bright, bold colours instead of traditional. It´s a personal, intimate ceremony so really relish the moment and select colours of your preference. Colours such as wine or sea green are great options but really it is all down to personal preference! be sure to choose the right colour and rock the night!

Designer: Natasha Dalal.
Designer: Natasha Dalal.


Now the material of the outfit is just as important as the style, you want to opt for optimum comfort. Perhaps choose something light, like silk or satin, or something breathable like chiffon or georgette. these simple fabrics will allow you to enjoy your night a hell of a lit more! maximum comfort levels will allow you to freely move, dance the night away and enjoy al the nights drama to come!

Designer: Natasha Dalal.

Makeup Matters 

Now makeup styles are very personal to the individual, for some bright and bold is the way forward whilst for others, simple and sweet is ideal. Now our expert Cyruss Mathew Makeovers advise that you coordinate your makeup and outfit well, top tips here are to ensure that nothing clashes – if you outfit is a bold statement perhaps keep your makeup au natural or minimum, alternatively, if your outfit is simple then intensify the makeup, either eyes or lips and make one pop! Also, remember that the Sangeet ceremony is a night of dancing so be sure to not over intensify your makeup look to avoid it getting smudged, perhaps save ´heavy´for the wedding day. You may want to apply waterproof products, and maybe the minimum of eyeliner with a light shade lipstick or a gloss, and top your look with a  bit of blush to make those cheeks rosy.

Makeup: Cyruss Mathew Makeover.

Add the cherry on top with accessories

Again, bearing in mind the nigh is filled with dancing and performances you want to opt for perhaps some simple jewellery or very minimum jewellery. sometimes only one or two items can make your look pop, for some, shiny studded earrings from Khurana Jewellery House complete the look! So, find what makes your outfit a statement piece. Remember to ensure it complements both the colour and style of your outfit.

Jewellery: Khurana Jewellery House.

Pick the right hairstyle

Alongside picking the right makeup look, ensure your hair compliments your outfit too. statement outfits, for example with a detailed neckline go really well with updos because having your hair out would just hide the outfit details. Alternatively, for a simple outfit leave your hair out or go for a statement hairstyle. You want eye popping, but manageable because you will be dancing the whole night so having a head filled with pins is not really the wisest idea. the hairstyle arguably depends on the hair length but when you have hair extensions, that is not the case, so, do not limit yourself, push the boat out and experiment with your luscious locks. sangeet ceremony hairstyles can include Highlighting the curls, a plated side pony or the puff can be a good option. try not to invest too much on the Sangeet hairstyle – again save that for the wedding day, keep it simple and go on.

Makeup: Cyruss Mathew Makeover.

So there you have it, a few suggestions to keep in mind when choosing your Sangeet outfit. consider these points and you will surely look stunning on the sangeet day. Go get ready girl make it a night to remember!

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