How to Deal With Your Mother-in-law

Indian mother in laws are the most energetic, emotional and explosive ones on the wedding sets, be it the groom’s one or the bride’s one. Mother in law of the groom is more of a emotional person at this time as she has to bid goodbye to her daughter in the most fancy manner but the bride’s mother in law can be really hard to handle as, she is the one who is expecting a bundle of things from the bride’s family and the bride’s family can not dare to lack anywhere in these expectations. In our expert panel, we have Preeti Goyal to give you tips for lifetime.

Photo: Lensight Photography
Photo: Lensight Photography

Well, after wedding the difficult ball comes in the court of bride, she has to handle her keeping in mind all the delicate situations which might go wrong. She obviously has to be the one loved daughter in law of the family and to achieve the same; she has to come up with many dos’ and don’ts in her new house. Let’s have a look at them:

Support from partner

Indian mothers are branded as the ones who overly love their children and cannot bear it when their child’s attention is directed towards someone else especially when it is their son giving attention and priorities to his wife. So, make your partner understand that his mother comes in the first place to him and you as well. Whenever your mother in law feel that somebody has snatched his son away and that his love for his mother has now shifter for his wife, make her feel that she is not thinking in the right direction. You need to have your husband’s support for this to make her understand.

Photo: Lensight Photography
Photo: Lensight Photography

Know how to cook

That’s the key word ‘cook’. No mother in law will ever praise a daughter in law who doesn’t know how to cook well or work or even tackle the kitchen. This doesn’t mean that you should know all the recipes and how ho wash utensils, this simply mean that you should be able to make soup for her when she fall sick, be able to cook the meal when cook is on leave or know at least this much that you don’t have to face any problem when it comes to cooking sometimes. Also, knowing how to make your family’s favorite dishes is good, no? Not only her, you will be praised by everyone in the family.

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When she is upset with you regarding anything you may have done or not, apologize instead of arguing. No women like a counter argument with another women and here, the story is completely different. Do not feel that you have to be at the wrong place even if you are right just to settle her down, no! Just apologize or settle things down in the beginning and later when the things are sorted out, go and talk to her about it. Develop those required soft skills; you will need them a lot. If you are good with your words and intentions, you will become her favorite soon.

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Seek her help

The most common point of mother in laws getting annoyed with you are that, she feels that you are trying to change everything she has done till now and making your own way in family which she feels very unhappy about. Whenever there is some event or party organized, seek her advices, seek her knowledge about things, ask her about the various rituals and customs that have been followed till now in the family, don’t let her feel that she is not wanted anymore. Don’t always nag her for this, this can be irritating for anyone, the main jest is that learn things form her that you already know or not be aware of and do them like exactly she taught the next time. She will feel that are looking forward to her guidance and will be great guide to you in any circumstances.

Photo: Lensight Photography
Photo: Lensight Photography

This is it from our side, hope that you become your mother in law’s favorite soon. Dealing with her is definitely a tough task but not impossible one. There are many situations where you will have to compromise with your ideas and go for hers’, don’t feel low about it because to make everyone happy you have to settle in less for yourself.

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