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Wedding! lots of fun, food, enjoyment, ceremonies and memories and among all memories are everyone’s priority. Photographs plays a vital role in any of the ceremony whether it’s a birthday party or a wedding, whether it’s about a baby’s birth or a professional shoot. People might feel that it’s the most toughest task but you can mould it with an ease. You approach this time-consuming, as your guests because it often means waiting to complete mess and too conventional poses. Yet the moment group pictures can be nice and fluid, provided that you organize the right way. Here we present you the best tips for successful group photos every time. A perfect wedding is incomplete without a planner, Sajda Weddings is here to make your wedding remarkable.

savePhoto: Darshan Sethi Photography
Photo: Darshan Sethi Photography

1. Set the right timing (and stick!)


Universal truth above all, “it is important for group photos do not last more than 15 minutes. The longer it becomes painful for the couple and guests.” A basic advice to consider when thinking throughout the organization of your group photos.

For your convenience, here are three things to avoid:-
“Making pictures to temple/church/banquet or out of town: it is a complete mess, nobody wants to listen to the photographer, there is always a bag / leg / arm an a guest who behind the picture. “-
“Making pictures of cocktail on arrival (as a photocall but married): Usually the guests arrive lasts an hour or an hour and a half this much time lost to. another thing for married and enjoy their cocktails. “-
“Making pictures early in the cocktail: it still lacks someone who has not yet arrived, got lost, is ironed by the hotel … The session drags on and the guests are getting impatient . “
savePhoto: Darshan Sethi Photography
Photo: Darshan Sethi Photography

2. Think groups to photograph in advance

Once your timing set comes the second most important step “write on a sheet before D Day all groups in photographing”. Attention to group size! it is better to “limit the groups to ten at most. The group photo sessions that drag is fatally boring for both the photographer, the guests, but also for married which fatigue very quickly. ” You’ll be warned.

However, if you really care about the general group photo where nobody is forgotten “talk with your photographer BEFORE the wedding. It can be original with minimal planning”.

savePhoto: Darshan Sethi Photography
Photo: Darshan Sethi Photography

3. Divide and artfully delegate tasks

However, nothing will be possible without the help of little hands that will support you. Both the photographer than controls (or relative) must be involved in this task. For the best is to do it as follows: “designate two witnesses (who know the families) who have in hand the big day this list to group different groups This allows the photographer to stay focus. on shots only and not to waste time. “

savePhoto: Darshan Sethi Photography
Photo: Darshan Sethi Photography

4. Let go!

Held some formal pictures, and limit them to 3-4 photos maximum, for the rest,  “let go of you and make fun photos!”

  Meanwhile, proceeded as follows when the couple leave and “is actually a kind of open bar: it was announced that the couple are available to take pictures for 20 minutes (or a little more the number of guests) and go! anyone can come and have their picture taken with them. it puts a little animation, guests gladly come and it goes very fast. If a group does is not ready another takes its place guests organize as they want.. in the end we almost get the same groups as if there was a list, more pictures and less time course, always the ability to complete later with one or two guests who were absent. “

savePhoto: Darshan Sethi Photography
Photo: Darshan Sethi Photography

“Preparing a long list with a list for group photos, it takes at least one minute per picture (often more) More the list goes on and the more we spend time (logical!).

Provide someone who does not know anyone to manage: I advocate that there be at least two people to manage and preferably people who know everyone.

Make announcements at the microphone: some photographers like to call the guests at the microphone but not me. I think it takes away the fun side that this meeting can have by taking it well, plus feel to be back in a supermarket desk and guests also;

Put guests into the sun: it is the best way for everyone with eyes closed. I like to put them against the light or with a side sun. Additional benefit: guests do not know how pictures against the light and it allows us to work quickly and quietly;

Beware of sunglasses, handbag, champagne glass …

Being too close or too far from the cocktail if you are too far you have to move the guests and it takes time, so it is too close we spend our time asking guests to push a little to not be on the Photo.”

savePhoto: Darshan Sethi Photography
Photo: Darshan Sethi Photography

With all of the advice of our wedding photography pros, no chance of missing your group photos! We help you ask the right questions to your wedding photographer before signing and told you all about how to have beautiful wedding photos remaining natural! So now here you can go and set the stage of for the beautiful photographs without any fuss!

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