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How to Have a Good Relationship with Your Sister-In-Law

Gel up with your Sister-in-law through these tips! A Sister-in-law is a wonderful blessing which one would have and if you've got this, you are the lucky one.

When a girl get married she enters into a new role where she’s not only a wife but a daughter-in-law, sister-in-law and aunt too. It’s a tough task because we are expected to give our best in every role. Gel up with the new people is a quite fussy task as we are very new and does not know about the members of the family, we might think that in-laws are like monsters they can only create problems and blunder. Yeah! we have seen the stereotypes in-laws in movies, daily soap and even from our elders that their sister-in-law was such a vamp and played her role the best but wait all these things actually happens in reel life and by coincidence. So girls chill! don’t worry a sister-in-law is like a butterfly whose wings has so much colors and with those colors she spreads the happiness in family. She could be like your younger sister, you can get along with her very well it’s just you both need to understand each other and being her brother’s wife you should also love her and respect her dignity.

savePhoto: Mahima Bhatia Photography
Photo: Mahima Bhatia Photography

Having a sweet and great sister-in-law isn’t a mere dream. She’s dramatic, funny, crazy, kiddish, stubborn yet she’s lovable. You could have a great bond with her, and you can gel up with her. She’ll not only help you to get close to family but also she cherish the moments you spend with her, she might become your best buddy in the house or bestie, she will disclose all the secret to you even about your hubby. Having a sister-in-law is a blessing because you don’t need to miss your younger sister as you have her in a different version.

Below are the points through which you will get along with your sister-in-law

1. Sharing is caring

Nothing will touch anyone’s heart better than sharing and caring. It is such a positive feeling whom everyone acknowledges. You can share anything with your sister-in-law and she will do the same. She is so close to you after your husband in the family, and trust me she loves to be with you as you’re her favorite one in the family. Having not much age difference you can even share your dresses, accessories with each other and it will only strong your bond. You can share your feelings (the good one’s and the bad one’s) with her, Yeah! women have a tendency of mood swings so she will understand you better. Wait! have a look on the link How to be the perfect Bhaiya and Bhabhi on this Raakhi!.

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