How to have an enchanted forest inspired wedding

To decide your wedding theme can be a tough decision to make and really a matter to scratch your head because of. Your wedding theme shows a lot about your liking and choices about many things. According to our expert Elephant Tooth in wedding coordination, your wedding decoration can be perceived as a reflection of your choices so it must be really a great choice to make. You must be very precise about it and the ideas to implement it can be left on us. We have many ideas for How to celebrate a themed wedding and a list of the best Wedding planners in India to make your theme come alive. So here we are, with yet another theme that is, an enchanted forest inspired wedding theme.

Photo: Neytra Photography
Photo: Neytra Photography

If you a nature loving person, this theme is just for you. And apart from being really green and full with flora and fauna, it comes along with a unique look to your wedding venue. Have a look at some these incredible ideas on how to have an enchanted forest inspired wedding


The first and foremost thing you need to do is, get an apt venue for your wedding party. Venue will do half of your work of getting the forest feels. Go around and explore some of the best wedding grounds. Of course, it has to be an open area where there is a lot of space for good decoration. As it’s a forest theme, you will need to have a good space for all the tress and everything else places. To have a original forest feel, go for a place in the outskirts of the city where there is less pollution and you get to have a fresh air.

Photo: Panodrama Events.
Photo: Panodrama Events.

Decoration time

After you are done with finalizing your beautiful venue which is yet to be all dolled up, you will next think of good decoration ideas. But don’t worry you there; we have that too, for you. All you need to do is, have a pathway to welcome your guests, sidelined with beautiful lamps, hanging cages and birds and flowers hanging around. The pathway should be the most beautiful thing in your sets.

Photo: Neytra Photography
Photo: Neytra Photography

Also, to give it some enchanted look, you can put candle stand or chandeliers alongside the pathway.  Some fairly lights around the tress and lighten up jars hanged on the steps would just complete the look. Make your garden all lit up with the use of sea blue lights. Also, you can have a rustic inspired wooden board saying a message to all your guests or a note of your wedding. It will look like a sing board.

Seating arrangement

To give your guests a complete feel of being in a forest, you can have a similar kind of seating arrangement done. You can purchase quirky and original wooden chairs for your guests to sit on, or use a wooden tree stump to place your cake on. Or if you think that it can be uncomfortable to sit on for long hours, you can just get your chairs wrapped up with a thread of leaves or ribbon or anything.

Photo: Panodrama Events.
Photo: Panodrama Events.

Your cake

The best thing about the enchanted forest theme is that you can really have fun with it and do as much experiments with it as you can. The wedding cake you are going to order can be as much designer as you like. You may want to stick to the forest feel and therefore might choose a cake that is fashioned to look like a calved tree. Or alternatively, you might decide that you want to go down the enchanted route and if this is the case, your imagination is the key! From fairy cakes to a snow covered tower, the choice is yours.

Photo: Elephant Tooth
Photo: Neytra.

And the best part is that, you can feel so fresh and good about it. A forest is meant to make you feel happy and enhance your love for nature. Your guests are also going to love it. Read 6 Ways to make your wedding go wow!!

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