How to have the perfect Mehndi on your wedding day

Of all the wedding traditions and practices, the most beloved one is the Mehndi. When it comes to Mehndi, we want the best artist, because Mehndi is something that will stand out on your wedding day and last for the next 15 days. Without Mehndi, it is hard to complete any bridal look. There are 5 things you should know before you organize your Mehndi ceremony so you can look perfect on your wedding day.

Mehndi artist

Do thorough research. There are many who can do Mehndi, but not every Mehndi artist can create designs that have thin and closely spaced lined. Those who can create tight designs with minimal gaps are considered to be the best.

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Mehndi quality test

Always test it out the day before. Put a small patch of Mehndi on your hand a day before the Mehndi ceremony to avoid last minute mishaps. Sometimes Mehndi can create allergic reactions, which are the last thing you want on your wedding day. If you have an allergic reaction, you should completely avoid Mehndi and use Mehndi stickers instead.

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Mehndi styles according to hand shape

The design of your Mehndi can make your hand look broader or longer. If your hands are already thin and long, you can go with basically any design of your choice, but we recommend designs with squares and geometric shapes. If your hands are a little broader, try to go for leafy designs, with longer shapes and figures to elongate your hand.

Credit : Nikhil Arora

Mehndi on feet

It’s customary to get Mehndi done on feet. Some prefer to put just a small design on the upper part of the feet, while others put Mehndi all the way up to knee length. Wedding apparel tends to consist of long, heavy clothes that touch the ground when you walk. It will look beautiful and elegant when lift your lehanga high enough to give a glimpse of your Mehndi studded feet.

Credit : Jude Lazaro

Mehndi for guests

The Mehndi ceremony is a ritual. Mehndi should always be applied on the bride first. In the meantime, friends and family dance to celebrate the bride’s big day. You can add your own creative twist to the Mehndi night by organizing games, karaoke, best dressed awards, and so on. Only when the bride is finished, can friends and family get Mehndi.

Credit : Nikhil Arora

Apart from the important details mentioned above, remember to take note of the latest Mehndi designs. Make a list of songs for your wedding night. Sometimes, while dreaming of our ‘Mehndi ki raat,’ we forget the songs we grew up listening to. You can add your partner’s name or initials to your Mehndi if you want to play an interesting game with your partner later on. Make sure to hide it well! Here we have Interesting Tips for Bridal Mehndi.

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