How to impress your partner with your dance at your Sangeet ceremony

Find out about how you can impress your partner with your dance at the Sangeet ceremony, and make him feel loved, special, and happy, all at the same time!

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Impressing your partner with every little thing coming your way is probably the best thing in a relationship. Impressing your partner never gets old, after doing so much for him. There are many ways through which you can impress your partner, especially at the time when he does not expect it at all. When you know that the two of you are going to get bonded for the entire lifetime, there is one thing that you can surprise him with, that is, an amazing dance at your Sangeet ceremony. Dheeraj would give you tips about the same! Sangeet ceremony being such a grand one, and the most happening one, is the best place and way to surprise your partner.

savePhoto: Reels and Frames Photography.
Photo: Reels and Frames Photography.

Impress him with your amazing moves

There are people who just can not dance. If you are one of them, then you can impress your partner with your amazing dance moves. This would be more of a shock to him than a surprise, because as he would know that you can not dance, and seeing you dance would really surprise him. You can contact Binaisha Deshmukh to teach you dance the best way! Learning dance step by step would help you memorize the steps in a better way, and you can definitely bring a smile on your partner’s face, with your amazing grooves! This would not take time to impress your partner, and he would love you even more for the amazing efforts that you would put in, just to make him happy and to bring a smile on his face.

savePhoto: Binaisha Deshmukh.
Photo: Binaisha Deshmukh.

Enjoy yourself

Enjoying yourself while you dance is one of the happiest and the most prettiest thing to watch. Once you start dancing and more over that start enjoying your dance, the people watching you would ultimately start enjoying with you as well. You need to see to it that you enjoy your performance to the fullest, in order to make the audience enjoy it, especially your partner! Learning it from the professional would definitely help you get the best steps and the expressions out of you, that is very essential for a good performance! Know about how you can select amazing songs for your Sangeet ceremony, to groove on!

savePhoto: Reels and Frames Photography.
Photo: Reels and Frames Photography.

Select a song that is special for the two of you

Selecting a song to dance on that is really special for you, as well as your partner would be some thing very emotional and touching for the two of you! This would not only make your partner smile, but make him feel really special as well. This is because, it is him for whom you have been working so hard to impress, and that he would be really loved. This would make him love you even more, which would help the two of you go far long together! The respect of the hard work that you would do would make him emotional, and at the same time, happy as well. You can think of wearing a yellow attire on your Sangeet ceremony. Find out about how you can look pretty in it!

Look beautiful

Another way by which you can impress your partner while you are dancing, is by looking beautiful. He just can not take his eyes off you, no matter what. To look beautiful, you need to apply the right amount of make up, that would not look too gaudy while you are dancing. As the entire spot light would be on you as you are the Bride, you need to look and be your best while you are on the stage! You need to hire the professional for this, and Ramya would be the best to contact! The make up depends up on your outfit as well. If your outfit is of a darker shade, then you need to apply make up that is of a lighter shade. Similarly, if your outfit is of a lighter shade, you need to apply make up that is of a darker shade. Well, this is some thing that would be taken care of, by the professional.

savePhoto: Ramya.
Photo: Ramya.

Wear the best outfit to look stunning

As you know that you would be dancing, you need to select an outfit for your Sangeet ceremony, that you would be comfortable dancing in. Wearing a very heavy outfit can take away the entire essence of your amazing performance, that would not turn out to be well. If you are comfortable enough to move around in your outfit and dance in it, then it is recommended that you get that outfit. You can check out Laila Motwane’s outfit for an amazing collection!

savePhoto: Laila Motwane.
Photo: Laila Motwane.

The above tips would help you in impressing your partner with the best of you at your Sangeet ceremony, and you would definitely be loved more than before for your hard work! This would make your partner feel special, and would also make him really happy! Find out about the tips to keep in mind, while getting ready for your Sangeet ceremony. It would really help you!

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