How to Know it’s Time to get Married

Getting married is nonetheless a life changing event. It unfolds many new aspects of your life. But, before getting married make sure that your know certain important things to lead a happy married life.

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There are various phases of relationship in a person’s life. The transformation of one’s relationship is something like a glass wall, it is present there but not visible to anyone. When people fall in love, everything changes in them, their gestures, habits, and their liking. All of the above, it changes your lifestyle and priorities. Let it be a cute childhood crush or a shatterproof mature relationship, love air will rush into your aura and will leave you love struck, doing its own job. When a couple is into each other and it has been a long time dating, various other aspects of life ask to be unfolded.

savePhoto: Mahima Bhatia Photography
Photo: Mahima Bhatia Photography

A major question which pops up in mind is that ‘is it the time to get married yet?’ or should I wait for a few more time? These questions can be really mighty enough to distract you from your daily routine too. So, you need to hush them down and think about them on a serious note. Now, how will a couple know that it’s the time to get down on their knees and ask their partner if she or he is ready to spend the rest of their life together. Don’t worry cupids, we have some clues about it:

Being original

The best part of a mature relationship is that you don’t need to be something that you are not. Your persona is replete heartily accepted by your partner and he loves the way you are. No more impression forming and no more hiding of your silly stupid deeds, in fact they are the most loved things about you. It’s a positive sign of true love when you and your partner are comfortable in showing your worst sides to each other and understand that nobody in this world is born with white shades of personality, your anger and your gloom, both are manageable by your partner and there is nothing about you he does not know.

savePhoto: Hitesh Shivnani Photography.
Photo: Hitesh Shivnani Photography.

Concrete trust

When there some lack of love in a relationship, it can go a little rough but if trust is lacking between you two, there is no point getting married or even, holding up your relationship, for that matter. Trust is the most essential and crucial building block of your relationship, if one block goes missing, you can still stand on it but if that block is not occupied in any near future, your building will collapse. So, make it a point that there are no trust issues in any forms and everything is sorted out in the coolest manner.


Yes! It may sound weird at first but friendship is necessary to make it a sure check that your relationship is going healthy. When the essence of friendship is present, there are no boundaries between the two individuals. Of course, being in a relationship is not similar to being friends but the paths somewhere meet at a point. If you know that your partner is not just your lover but also your best friend, you will always find it easier to make things work out in a more efficient manner and the bond will get stronger. When there is some kind of fuzz created, a person seeks his friend’s company to make him feel better and what else can be as good as a fact that his best friend is already present with him to help him out. This way, you will also have a happy-go-lovely relationship where you are not always talking about love but also make each other tease or go crazy in each other’s company making you a couple who is doped with sugar and also some spices.

savePhoto: Mahima Bhatia Photography
Photo: Mahima Bhatia Photography

Family agreements

Getting married is not just a matter of two people who make themselves a part of each other’s life but also two distinct families who have found new members in their small world. Before getting married, ask your family members if they are also happy with this decision of yours just as much as you are. It’s much difficult for a bride’s family as they have to let their princess go away. So, there must be a complete acceptance by both the families so that both the partners to get adjusted into the new environment in a short period.


Marriage is a table turning experience. Things changes to a great extent after getting married. See if your goals and dreams are not going to get effected after this event. In an ideal situation it is believed that the husband must be earning a handsome amount of money at least enough to fulfill his family’s requirements. And the girl should also not give up on her dreams and work on them even after getting married. Continues motivation and inspiration should be taken care of, have a look at How to Inspire Your man: Tips to Learn

savePhoto: Darshan Sethi Photography
Photo: Darshan Sethi Photography

Go on, evaluate these concerns and talk them out to your partner. You will definitely find answer to your questions and there you go people, make yourself and your loved one get ready for some incredible changes in your lives and plan further by learning How to Make Your Wedding Planning More Effective

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