How to look great in your wedding photos without being a professional Model

You do not need to be a Model to look your best in the photographs. All you have to do is, follow these steps!

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Professional photographers often hear people say they do not want to go out with forced postures, or have to pose in their Wedding photographs. This is the only reason why the trend in this sector of photography has been going on for some time. In capturing the naturalness of the moment without a documentary tone is something that every one can not do, and is a difficult task as well. Mahima Bhatia, from Mahima Bhatia Photography, suggests a few tips that one should follow, in order to get amazing photographs.

savePhoto: Mahima Bhatia Photography.
Photo: Mahima Bhatia Photography.

Position before the camera

When it comes to getting your photos clicked in front of the camera, there are chances that you might get conscious. But in order to get amazing photographs, you definitely need to pose. It is referable to avoid the front position, that is, the position is front of the camera, so that the angle of the photo does not go wrong. Resting your weight to one of the hips, will also create a curve in your figure, which would look just fantastic. You can also try to stand almost on your back, and turn your waist as far as possible towards the camera. This posture will give you a touch of dynamism.

Smile please

Smiling always works, even though you think your smile is not pretty. There are studies that ensure that the images in which the smiling faces appear, are more attractive. A Wedding is a happy time, so the gestures of happiness are the most appropriate. If you are one of those who do not like smiling while showing your teeth, then the best option is to show your natural facial expressions, which never fails to impress people. Smiling for a photo looks way decent than any other expressions that the females have come up nowadays.

savePhoto: Mahima Bhatia Photography.
Photo: Mahima Bhatia Photography.

Looks and facial expressions

It is not advisable to look directly at the camera, unless the photographer asks you to do so. You can look at the directions that are not the target, and this will give the impression that there is no photographer involved, and the photo will turn out to be more natural. To carry out this technique, you can look at your partner, or a detail of your dress. You can also lose the look in a pensive way, or towards the line of horizon. To keep your eyes open, you can perform simple exercises such as closing your eyes for a few seconds before the photographer takes the photo, or blink very quickly to look back at the camera in a very relaxed manner. You can also ask the photographer to count till three before firing the camera, to avoid a photo with closed eyes. Positioning the head at an angle, that is, a little turned, rather than leaving it completely straight.

Hands and arms

While you are getting your photo clicked, what to do with your hands and arms is aways a major problem. Well, there is a solution to this, that are the natural compliments and actions. Here, the topic of the photography is regarding your Wedding. So, you can pose with a bouquet in your hand, or you can even flaunt your Wedding ring. When it comes to men, they definitely do not know how to pose. For them, they can use the pockets of their pants, in order to adopt a crefree posture. If they want the arms along their body, they have to be relaxed and with a posture of gentle flex.

savePhoto: Mahima Bhatia Photography.
Photo: Mahima Bhatia Photography.

Keep moving

To avoid staying like a stick, you can do some actions in which the photographer can take the advantge of the movements. Taking short walks in natural way, stimulates actions like caressing the hair of our partner or face, stimulate that we are combining or placing any of the complements like necktie, ring, and any other thing that you can possibly think of. It is customary that when we stand waiting for the photographer to shoot his best frame, our body is gradually becoming more rigid. Keeping this in mind, it is recommended that you make an energetic movement with the whole body so that you can give a more natural expression.

Interact with your surroundings

Interact with the environment around you, whether the location is in the city, or in an open, and a natural space. You can either stand on a tree, sit on a bench or a wall, run a hand through the grass, greet the people, talk to your partner with your thoughts, have a cup of coffee, and every other thing that you can take an advantage of is welcome. This way, the photographer also gets to play with the photos, and you would in return get amazing photographs.

savePhoto: Mahima Bhatia Photography.
Photo: Mahima Bhatia Photography.

A photographer uses great mastery in the frames, taking advantage of the natural light to the maximum, and bringing the outcome of the photograph in a suitable way, without having to force postures. You can also go through the Professional techniques for amazing Wedding photos!

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