How to maintain a good relationship with your father-in-law

Every relationship comes with a tag of love and care between the individuals who are in that relationship. After getting married, you not only have a new bond with your partner as your husband or as your wife but also come with it various other new relationships. We have with us Mr. Satish Goyal with is kind words on the following relationship.

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The major ones are with you mother in law and father in law. Your father in law is probably the most authoritative figure and most elder personality in the house and he has to be looked after with great care and utmost love. We all have heard about the mother-in law and daughter-in law things, most of them in a negative sense but there also exists a relationship of father in law whether it be with the bride or the groom. In both of the cases that is, the bride’s father in law and the groom’s father in law can be a difficult case to handle. While the bride has to deal with it more efficiently since she has to stay under the same roof, here are various points about how you can maintain and strengthen a good relationship with your father in law and make a mutual harmony:

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Respect is the key to any relationship. And this is something on a different level.  Here, you are dealing with your father in law. He is the person who you might not know much about but then, he is the thumb of the family and you cannot escape to think about it. Interact with him with due respect and show him that no matter what, he is your new father and you will respect his position, decision and ideas. Elderly people seek respect much from the younger ones.

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Seek his advice

Parent in laws are now partially in that stage of their age where they have a good experience about everything and they tend to share their piece of advice at almost everything. Your father in law must have a good knowledge about the world and its basics and would never hold himself back in giving you his advices. You should ask them about it before they initiate to, this will make him feel like he is still that dignitary in the family who is looked up to. This advice thing might get over the top sometimes and you may get irritated by his advisory comments but just try to empathize and absorb all the good words from them.

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Take good care

No one in this world can resist a person who takes care for you like nobody else. Treat him like your own father, look after his diet, his intakes of good food, his exercise and his daily schedule. Tell him what not to do and what can be harmful for his body, go out for a walk with him and look after him time to time. He will be overwhelmed and it will also make you both good friends. He will then look forward to your presence and will miss you when you are not around and that is definitely a positive sign of a good relationship, right?

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Avoid irritants

As he is retired from his old daily schedule now, he must be having some adjustment issues with a new member, new lifestyle and some other things. This may turn him into a bit of an irritating person which is natural. Try to avoid all those small things he does intentionally or uni9ntenitonally. If you feel that things are going beyond control then you can talk to him about it or can explain him, he will understand. But don’t lose your control on temper by getting annoyed, it will make you both dislike each other.

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Focus on yourself

There are times when you are being nagged about everything you do and pin pointed about very big and little mistakes you make. This is something you already must have anticipated before getting into a new relationship. The point is, you cannot change his ideas or opinions or his way of talking or his hobby of interfering in your activities, but you can always have a control over your own actions. Do not think to change him, try to avoid doing things in his presence which he doesn’t like you to do or just alter certain situations which you think might cause trouble.

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This is it from our side, wishing you to have a good relationship with your father-in law and all the other people in your new family. As wedding is such a beautiful thing, have a look at 20 Reasons why you Should Want to get Married

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